Why Designing Your Own Logo is Risky Business

Logo Design

Finally getting started on that company you’ve always dreamed about? Or maybe you already own a small business and need a brand overhaul because trends have changed and your look is outdated.

You both need a  logo design but are uncertain about hiring an outside source to do it for you. Should you just make it yourself?

Although it’s tempting, designing your own logo is risky business for several reasons. First of all…

Logos need to be original

There are millions of logos out there and to accidentally copy one of the existing ones could lead to confusion and even a lawsuit. Just like content can be plagiarized from the Internet, so can logos. Even if you unintentionally mimic someone else’s logo, they won’t be thrilled to discover another business using their concepts.

This is why it’s crucial that someone well-versed with current logos and trends design your own because they will be aware of what’s already been done. For example, our designers here at Emerge and Key Web Concepts study other companies’ brands to avoid this. Here’s an example of a unique logo we created for Tuckahoe Child Psychology.


Tuckahoe Child Psychology logo, Richmond, VA


A professional designer will make a logo that is unique and follows the list of do’s and don’ts. They’ll analyze current trends in the industry and see what your competition has already produced. Most importantly, they’ll keep it simple and stay true to your overall brand.

Too close to be objective

One reason it’s tricky to make your logo is because there are often strong emotions attached to one’s own business. This can cause sentiments and personal opinions to sway the design and reflect your feelings more than the actual purpose of your company. Below, is Product Prism’s logo, which represents the business’ mission effectively.


Product Prism logo, Richmond, VA


Being too close to the process can result in a logo that’s personal but doesn’t portray your business well or reach your target audience. Since the logo and brand are different, creating a logo that doesn’t match the personality and brand voice of your business can confuse customers and lead to skewed associations.

Not everyone has the right tools

Creating a new logo might seem simple, but it actually requires an array of resources that not everyone has access to. To make a professional and modern logo, you’ll need the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Lightroom and Illustrator.

These tools allow users to perfect detailed designs while giving them total control of the creation. Because the Adobe Creative Cloud costs about $50 per month for individuals to use, it makes more sense to hire someone who already has access to this resource.

Also, to make several concepts in a tight schedule, you need a streamlined process. Turns out, there are phases in designing an excellent logo, and it’s difficult to fully complete them without a team of people who work like a well-oiled machine.

Time is money – don’t waste it

As FullMediaLtd expresses, “you have better things to do for your business” than spend the extensive time it requires to make a logo. You’ll have to spend money in some way – either through your time and resources or paying someone else, so why not just hire the professional?

An experienced designer will not only create an original logo that’ll appeal to your target audience, she or he will make a logo that will last for years to come and won’t be easily outdated.


If you’re starting your own company or need a brand overhaul, reach out to us about professional logo design. We’d love to chat about partnering to get your business off the ground and looking fresh!

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