What is Fractional Marketing?

Monthly marketing to help grow your business

Do you have someone organizing and keeping track of your marketing efforts? Small businesses usually struggle with resources for setting, creating and analyzing marketing campaigns.

That means in most cases marketing efforts are never even being made, or even reviewed to see what does well and what can be scrapped.

Many companies need more staff in order to increase their marketing efforts. But new hires don’t come cheap. You’ll need to be ready to provide a full salary, paid time off, overhead and medical benefits.

In most cases, it’s just not possible to pull off making a new hire. But what if someone could provide you with expert-level guidance without ever joining your payroll?

That’s where fractional or part-time marketing comes in.

Fractional marketing, simply put, means you get an experienced marketer who splits their services among multiple businesses.

Depending on your needs, they will spend a fraction of their time focusing on growing your business. You may even find an agency that partners multiple marketers with your business.

Do You Need Monthly Marketing Help?

If you’re going back and forth on whether you need fractional marketing, it’s important to examine your goals and take the pulse of your business. For example, are you getting enough leads?

Are you noticing calls drying up? It could be time to start casting a wider net. If your goal is to grow, you have to change up your approach. You can’t expect new gains without new attempts.

Marketing makes it possible for new customers to find your business and gives you an edge against your competitors.

If your local rivals are rocking Facebook or emailing clients every week, it could set you behind. They could even be gathering more new leads from Google if they’re ranking better online.

Start thinking about your daily routine and your team’s current capabilities. If you want to try improving leads on your own, you’ll need the following:

  • Extra time for marketing tasks
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge
  • Analytics tools to track your progress
  • Social media management capabilities
  • Marketing platforms for images, emails and videos
  • Staff member(s) who can consistently monitor goals
  • Time to research new strategies

Most small businesses can’t check everything off on the list.

Some businesses might not be able to take any of those items on – and that’s okay. You’re great at running your business but you might just need some help with growth.

How Fractional Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

By contracting your marketing, can grow your company without breaking the bank. Don’t sweat a salary, just bring in an expert who can help part-time.

Fractional marketers often work for a communications or web design agency full-time. They partner with you to understand your goals and then offer up a set amount of hours to help reach them.

They will even help you prioritize what you need to take on first. For example, you may need to freshen up your website or it might be time to host a client appreciation event.

Monthly marketing services can include:

By bringing in a fractional marketing expert, you can rely on their experience to help guide you through every part of the marketing journey.

Once the big-picture decisions have been made, your fractional hire will carry out your tasks. Meanwhile, you can sit back and focus on your business.


Taking Your Monthly Marketing to the Next Level

Fractional marketing works great on its own or as a way to add to your current marketing team. Whether you have an awesome office manager who handles social media or a full marketing department, you can benefit from outside experts.

Here are some ways fractional marketing can build on what is already working for your business:

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO):

Not every business needs a chief marketing officer.

With salaries starting in the six-figure range, these full-time executives are only a reality for large enterprises. But other big and booming businesses can benefit from having a fractionalized CMO.

Marketing experts don’t need to be full-time in order to guide marketing strategies, grow your sales, expand your business and coordinate the rest of your team.

Instead, they can work part-time to help with hires, solve high-level problems, come up with new ideas and ensure you stick to a strategy.

Project-Based Marketing Consultants:

Many marketing teams have big dreams. They spend hours plotting brand new websites, highly-engaging ad campaigns and newsletters worth reading. But when it comes to taking action, their daily tasks can get in the way.

When your business brings in consultants just for your big projects, it is easy to set a scope and budget that works for you.

These fractionalized marketing experts help your business with one specific goal. Once that is reached, you can resume business as normal or create a contract for something new.


Achieve Your Marketing Goals at a Fraction of the Price

For many small businesses, a full-time marketer is not possible. Or the only hires that match their budget don’t have enough experience for the role.

Get the leadership, direction and guidance your business deserves by pairing with a marketing agency filled with digital experts. Emerge splits our time to help your small business and others succeed every day.

Grow your business with our on-demand fractionalized marketing services. Schedule a free consultation to see how Emerge can help you get started.

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