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Transitioning to the digital world

You’re in need of a party planner. Or a lawyer. Or perhaps you need a haircut. 

What about needing to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor?

Where is the first place you go to research? If you said Google, congratulations!

You have the same mindset as over 90% of all internet users.

As a small business, a website is one of the most invaluable assets you can have. Connecting users to your services with a quick click of a button can lead potential clients to a whole new world of your business or organization.

And it can lead you to greater business success.

James T. Young
James T. Young
The team at Emerge is an incredible and passionate group of digital marketers. From the top to the bottom, their entire team has treated me like family and explained both technical and basic marketing strategies. Beyond being extremely knowledgeable in the world of digital marketing, SEO, and graphic design, each team member is incredibly thoughtful and strategic with their marketing efforts while always being available to answer any questions. If you are looking for a small business website, Emerge is the perfect place to start!
Nancy Bruce
Nancy Bruce
The Emerge guys just built a new website for me. It looks great and I'm so pleased. They will even teach me how to use it so that I can make changes on my own. New adventures!
Jenny Robinson
Jenny Robinson
The staff at Emerge is such a pleasure to work with. They are very friendly, professional, timely, and responsive. They are great at advising, understand branding and what works best for our needs. We also love our small business website and look continuing to do business with them.
Katharine Shelah
Katharine Shelah
Working with Jon and Adam has been fantastic. We’ve partnered with them on several projects as our first experience was so successful.
YME Landscape
YME Landscape
The Emerge group produces high quality webpages with trackable SEO results. I have been more than please with their creativity and the results from the teams performances.
Patty Gill
Patty Gill
The entire Emerge team was a pleasure to partner with on my website re-design. I cannot recommend them more highly! I could tell from the first phone calls with Allie and Adam that I was in excellent professional hands. Once Jon and the creative team got involved, they actually took time to learn about me, my business, and the services I provide to my clients. They listened astutely to the vision I had for my new website. Then BAM! they created it exactly how I was hoping, and even added enhancements I hadn’t thought of. Anytime I had a concern or question during the process, they all—Jon, Austin, Patrick, Adam and Allie—were so responsive and helpful. True problem solvers and solution finders! Both technical and creative experts. I also know that going forward, I can reach out to them with any new project or issue and will have their support, which as a small business owner, that means a lot. Emerge is the professional dream team in the website design and digital marketing world!
Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson
I originally reached out to Emerge with assistance in business startup. It was there that I connected with Jon who brought a lot of value during the initial phase. He helped me to dial in the focus and direction of the company through several conversations. Moreover, Jon’s experience and insight brought great value to my company. I would highly recommend Jon and the Team at Emerge for anyone looking to take their company to the next level during a time where the markets are constantly evolving and competition is high.
Dante Piro
Dante Piro
Allie, Sam, and Jonathan helped me make my very first professional website, and did an incredible job! Having a website built is one thing, but running, editing, and managing it is quite another. Their care and attention to making sure that I was comfortable and ready to take it over was stellar.

Local Richmond VA web design driven by strategy & fueled by passion

 As a Richmond business owner just starting out, having a website is that stepping stone that can take you from worst to first on search engines like Google.

 At Emerge, when we design a website for you, we start with a strategy tailored to your company and industry.

 The first step to any successful partnership is getting to know each other.

 And with our discovery session to kick start all of our web design projects, our creative team invests the time to understand the ins and outs, corners and crevices of your business.

 We do this so we can build a website that can be google-friendly to your industry with our initial SEO (search engine optimization) process.

Convert customers with content that matches what they need and why they need you

While our designers use the branding elements uncovered in your session to identify all the attributes that make your business unique, our content strategists work to develop a plan that takes your business to the next level. 

Your small business needs to be able to showcase your brand, products, services and philosophy to the very audience you’re trying to target. 

And our content strategists are your bow and arrow. 

With you every step of the way, our strategists ask questions that go deep into your company’s why’s, how’s, what’s, and more. This process allows us to create website content that represents you and your customers.

When you marry your website’s design with content catered to your audience, your website can live happily ever after with a sweet family of loyal website visitors.

Personalized website designs for Richmond VA small business owners

Emerge produces websites for small businesses that are customized to your needs and designed specifically for your audience.

Most importantly, our website designs are built to be search-engine friendly. Giving you a better chance at being seen online by your potential customers.

When you work with Emerge, you work with more than a marketing team.

You work with passionate designers, communication-oriented writers and results-driven strategists.

Consider us your one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing for your small business. Our Richmond-based team works with clients all over the state — including Virginia Beach and our neighbors in Henrico.

Get in touch with us today to begin your journey from an undiscovered digital presence to an established brand with increased customer loyalty.

Website design questions

How much does a website design cost?

The cost of web design depends on your company’s goals.

Your website design cost is determined on how many pages and features you need. A simple brochure website could need only need a few pages and would take less time to complete than an website that needs to sell multiple products online. 

Emerge offers a discovery session to help you build what you need right away. This is a low-cost activity that helps you understand what matters most to your businesss so you can invest in the most efficient website possible. 

What is a discovery session?

Do I have control of my website?

 Absolutely! You paid for it, so you deserve to have ownership of your website without any strings attached.

When your website is ready to launch, you will be trained on how to operate it so you can update your  website without having to depend on us. The training session will be recorded so you can refer back to it to refresh your memory.

If you are too busy or too uncomfortable making changes to your website, we will be available to help via phone or email.

Can you design websites for any industry?

Emerge has years of experience designing websites for many industries. 

From construction to hair salons, Emerge helps create a path to success with our discovery phase.  This activity helps us understand your brand and its industry to design a personalized website that matches your audience and goals.

What is a Discovery Session? →

How long will my website design take?

To be honest, it depends on a few factors:

  • How fast you can respond to us
  • The number of features you want on your website
  • The amount of pages you need for your site
  • Your ability to provide content (pictures and writing the website pages)

For small business owners, providing photos and written content can feel like a homework assignment.

That’s why we offer photo and copywriting services to help you get your website designed faster.

Schedule a consultation today to see how we can help create content for your website.

How do I get my website on Google?

Depending on your industry and services, there are tons of factors that come into play when you are trying to rank your website on search engines.

With Emerge, your website is at least designed to be Google-Friendly through initial search engine optimization (SEO).

If you’re going to spend money on your website, don’t you think your website should at least be ready for Google to see it?

While initial search engine optimization (SEO) is a boost to your website, it’s not a guarantee of first-page rankings. If companies promise you fast, first-page organic rankings for your website, please take caution, because not all that glitters is gold.

Learn more about initial SEO

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We design affordable websites for small businesses in VA and beyond!

Even though we’re based in Richmond, VA, we mainly provide web design and more in the following cities and their surrounding areas:

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