When you search on Google for your business, does it show up? Have you searched for the exact title to one of your web pages and you’re still seeing other websites instead?

Your website or certain web pages may not be recognized by Google, which could seriously harm your chances of potential customers finding you — and that’s money left on the table.

Here are the top 5 reasons your website doesn’t show up in Google searches

Your website is just a little too new

With  Google, new pages are not searchable yet. Google needs time to crawl your website –  known as the Google dance! To speed up the process, set up a Google Search Console account and submit a sitemap for your website.

Your web pages need to be indexed by Google

When it comes to web searches index, Google is the authority and you need to make sure your pages are important enough to include in their index.

Before you decide your page has been left out, there’s an easy way to check. Google offers a URL Inspection Tool which checks your indexing status and allows you to request indexing. You can even request indexing again if you’ve made major changes to your page.

You’ve discouraged Google from indexing your site

For WordPress websites, check the search engine visibility checkbox under the Settings > Reading section of your dashboard to make sure it is unchecked. 

Google has penalized your website

Google issues penalties for things such as: – Sneaky redirects – Hidden images – Hidden text – Keyword stuffing – Spam – Automated content – Bad data structure – Content scraping – Poor quality content – Link scheming

You have duplicate content on your website

Every page of your website needs unique writing for it to be recognized by search engines. That means it can’t mimic one of your other pages or have stolen content from a different website.

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