Many companies need more staff in order to increase their marketing efforts.  But new hires don’t  come cheap.  You’ll need to be ready to provide a full time salary,  paid time off, overhead and  medical benefits.

What if someone could provide you with expert-level marketing services without ever joining your payroll? Imagine experienced marketing at a reduced cost. That’s where fractional marketing comes in.

Fractional marketing, simply put, means you get an experienced marketer who splits their services among multiple businesses. Depending on your needs, they will spend a fraction of their time focusing on growing your business.

What is Fractional Marketing?

– Brand Strategy – Print Designs – Digital Graphics – Website Management – Search Engine Optimization – Marketing Strategy  – Blog Articles – New Webpages – Digital Ads – Social Media Posts – Email Marketing

How can Fractional Marketing help?

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Big and booming businesses can benefit from having a fractionalized CMO. They work part-time to help with hires, solve high-level problems, come up with new ideas and ensure you stick to a strategy.

Types of Fractional Marketing Services

When your business brings in consultants just for your big projects, it is easy to set a scope and budget that works for you. These fractionalized marketing experts help your business with one specific goal. Once that is reached, you can resume business as normal or create a contract for future campaigns to grow your business.

Project-Based Marketing Consultants

For many small businesses, a full-time marketer is not possible.  Or the only hires that match their budget don’t have enough experience for the role. To learn about Fractional Marketing, click the button below.

Better Marketing at a Fraction of the Price