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A former professor of mine once explained why Chick-fil-a is his favorite fast food restaurant, stating, “I just love when their employees respond with ‘My pleasure.’” Noticing that the taste or quality of their food wasn’t his reason really sparked curiosity. Chick-fil-a’s customer service is an excellent example of describing their brand. The restaurant, although fast food, is well-known for having friendly, well-mannered employees. When it comes to recognizing your own business, whether big or small, what does your brand say about it? We’ll break down a few key factors to keep in mind when establishing and promoting your business brand:


Your Brand= Your Reputation

According to Collective Alternative, a brand sets you apart from the rest and secures your identity within your market. What’s your story? How do you want your business to be perceived by the public eye? Consider qualities such as reliability, consistency, and having customer satisfaction. Consistency in your business logo and products all factor into recognition of your business, which influence the decisions of a buyer. In addition to sticking to his specialty, the “original chicken sandwich,” founder of Chick-fil-a, Samuel Truett Cathy, also wanted the restaurant to reflect his belief of not working on Sundays. The restaurant chain continues to stand firm in their Closed-on-Sunday policy, in which faithful customers make sure they’re in line late Saturday evening or early Monday morning.

Build Relationships

Entrepreneur.com explains that brand awareness is generated through networking. How? By building relationships with potential customers. One great method we use everyday is having an online presence, where businesses using social media platforms such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook can easily respond to and interact with people. Become savvy on something that relates to your business and use these as conversational gateways. A sense of trust is established when customers can rely on owners to be knowledgeable and helpful about their services or products.


Know your Target Audience

Fully addressing this topic in our previous blog post, it is important to know the audience you’re targeting and how to appeal to them. Chick-fil-a would’ve had a tough time convincing vegetarians to “eat more chicken.” The restaurant instead found it much easier (and successful) convincing our predominantly carnivorous society that burgers are the “common” fast food choice and that consuming chicken is stepping out of the box.


From logo designing to configuring marketing strategies, branding can be a stressful process. Emerge caters to small businesses for this exact reason. We step-in and assist startups with identifying and building their brand from the ground, up.

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