Why You Should Trust Your Website Designer

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You’re charismatic, a go-getter, an entrepreneur; a business owner. You want a website to reflect that because, like you, it has to stand out from the rest. Creating a website on your own isn’t easy, so you hired some experts. Now, as a sympathetic, yet pragmatic copywriter of a web design firm, I’d have to say that sometimes clients can be a bit harsh with their requests. I’ve watched my fellow coworker designers lose hope on creating something fantastic, due to a client’s misunderstanding of site functionality or trends. Believe me, we do our best to honor your requests if they benefit the website. However, when offered alternatives, sometimes clients don’t trust our designers’ judgment.

Imagine having a conversation with your personal trainer. The two of you are discussing your weight loss goals for the month, and your trainer advises you to maintain a low-carb diet. You tell him that you won’t give up cake and ice cream, but still expect to reach your weight goal that month. Sounds pretty absurd, right? In simple terms, we’re the personal trainers trying to avoid clients bringing “cake” into the web design process.

Would you invest your hard-earned money into someone inexperienced? Probably not. Most likely, you’ve already analyzed our portfolio, reviewed previous client testimonials, and thoroughly searched for our legitimacy on Google and Facebook. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve been in the business for 10+ years. From coding to development, web hosting, and responsive design, there’s a lot more to “decorating” a website than meets the eye. Believe me when I say that we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff.

Sometimes, a client will request that we add or change something on their website, such as resizing their logo, when it isn’t equipped with the proper coding to do so. Our designers would explain and offer alternatives, and occasionally, the client would remain adamant. This slows down production time, frustrates both our employees and the client, and sooner or later increases the project budget.

Please don’t take all of this the wrong way–we love our clients and encourage them to provide us with feedback. That enables us to better understand your company, your brand, and goals of your website moving forward. However, when your web designer warns you that making your site’s logo bigger may hinder the site’s functionality, take heed. In the end, you’ll have the attractive, outstanding website you wanted, and we’ll have a satisfied client. It’s a win-win.

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