Trust Your Gut: Why You Should Start Your Business


It seems like everyone is venturing off and becoming their own boss nowadays. Well, it’s almost 2017—why not take that leap of faith? Opportunities are limitless. Deep down, you know you’re an innovator, entrepreneur, optimist, and natural-born leader. Of course, you may be faced with challenges along the way (as with anything), but if it’s truly what you want to do, nothing should hold you back. Ask yourself if you’ve experienced the following:

  1. You’re already thinking about it.

Some people need a good push, effective persuasion, and some strong convincing….but you don’t. The idea is enough to get you brainstorming and planning. This self-motivation is not only a great quality for every business owner to have, but is also what it takes whenever you’re faced against the odds.

  1. You feel unfulfilled working for someone else.

Always check your motive. A horrible job position shouldn’t be the reason you plunge into starting your own business. If the feeling has been consistent, however, no matter your job position, then it’s definitely something to take heed. First, ask yourself what it is about working for other people that makes you uncomfortable. Keep in mind that there are many business owners who work for themselves part-time while still employed by their regular job.

  1. You’re not afraid of failure.

Many successful business owners will tell you, starting your own company is not a stroll in the park. Founder of the renowned Hershey’s Chocolate, Milton Hershey, had two unsuccessful candy businesses before perfecting his craft and starting the chocolate enterprise we all know and love. Sometimes it takes multiple failures, and a lot of money lost, to figure it out. Once you get past that rocky road (no chocolate-related pun intended), you’ll see it was all worth it.

  1. People can truly benefit from your products or services.

Do the research. See what is currently working and isn’t working within your industry. Discover your target audience, the folks who’ll most benefit from and most likely invest in your product, and figure out ways to market your brand. As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with investing in your own business as a side gig while still working your “day job.”

We chatted with our founder and president, Jim Thomas, on why he decided to start our parent company, Key Web Concepts, and later Emerge. Here’s what he had to say:

“There were a combination of reasons why I decided to work for myself. I had a skillset, recognized there was a need for it, and felt it would be nice to be my own boss. The odds were definitely against me, however, knowing that 50% of businesses fail within the first year. But I was passionate about helping small businesses with their websites and, thankfully, had a supportive wife through it all. My advice to any aspiring business owner would be, first, to make sure you’re willing to sacrifice. Don’t buy into the glamour. It gets pretty hard. Also, even though you’re working for yourself, your clients are basically your boss. Last, but not least, hire the right people, for the right positions, with the same passion and work ethic as you do.”

So, what’s holding you back? When venturing off into anything out of your usual norm, fear and uncertainty come with the territory. As my grandma always used to say, “When doubt seeps in, trust your gut.” If your gut has been telling you to start a business way before you began reading this post, then stick to it. And, if professional, well-designed business cards or creating a website is next on your to-do list, we’re here for you.

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