Top 4 FAQs from New Web Design Clients

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Consultations with clients are our way of getting a full understanding of what they want and need, and to explain how we make that happen. Clients who are new to having or revamping a website, however, are usually unsure of what to ask during our initial meeting. We took heed to this dilemma and decided to provide detailed answers for the most common questions:

1. What’s the average cost of a website?

If a web design firm says that they’ll create a professional, fully customized, responsive website for less than $1000, grab your wallet and walk the opposite direction. The average client doesn’t have a background in web design and, unfortunately, many scam web design firms take advantage of that. They’ll take your money, send you a slightly tweaked pre-made design, and disappear.

We charge by the hour, with rates set according to the type of work performed. A lot goes into a website (brainstorming, research, design proofs, coding, content, revisions, hosting, etc.), not to mention time spent by the project manager coordinating and organizing it all. We make sure to outline every detail of the process and the corresponding charges so that you remain informed at all times. The final price of a website depends on the satisfaction of the client and, at times, may be pretty steep. The finished product, however, is well worth the investment.

2. How long does it take to create a website?

Generally, a fully customized (built from scratch) website takes about two months and a customized template or theme for about one month. Clients must be mindful that firms factor in the limit of business hours, balancing other projects, and communication with clients. In order to proceed on to the next step within a project, we must first receive feedback and approval from the client. The hours added beyond the initial timeline depend solely on client communication and payment.

3. What do you need from us (clients) in the meantime?

Full cooperation and constant communication enables us to keep the ball rolling, especially client feedback. We’ll design your website, but clients need to provide the content In order for us to begin work, we need the following:

  • Text– all the wording desired on the website. We understand that many clients aren’t word-savvy or have the time to write, so we ask that you inform us upfront what level of assistance you’ll need with this. This portion is requested first since website design will be built around the content.
  • Imagesphotos to use for the new website. If you already have original photography, perfect! We ask clients to send those as soon as possible so our designers can refer to them during the design process. When clients need images, we offer and use stock photography as place fillers until chosen upon. Just let us know the subject matter beforehand so that we use relatable photos.
  • Misc. any logos, links, and other information clients already have and would like to add. These are also things we’d need sooner rather than later, in order to determine their size and placement within a design.

4. Will my website require monthly maintenance fees after it’s launched?

No. We offer to train our clients how to navigate through the back-end of their website so they can update and make any changes as needed. We only charge when the clients call us for specific functionality changes or to fix a technical issue. (We do, however, offer monthly SEO services, which help maximize your website’s search rankings.) Aside from this, clients have full control of adding and removing content. The website is completely owned by the client and we make sure we treat it as such.

Now that you’re in the loop of “web design” life, you have a better grasp on what to expect from us and vice versa. Take a look at some of our previous work and let us know when you’re ready to chat!

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