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So, you’ve finally brought your idea to life, had a few folks hop on board, signed all necessary paperwork and BAM….you’ve started a business. After reading through your business owner to-do list, you remember the one thing that should’ve been listed at the very top….creating a logo! When considering your website, business cards, etc., logos have extreme value. They’re the visual representation of your brand. Let’s face it; we live in a world of visuals; unintentionally judging everything we see. When it comes to representing your company’s identity, what do you want the world to see? You want an instant reminder of your company or product. Sometimes it can be as simple as combining two yellow arches (ask McDonald’s).

Here are a few powerful tips to consider when deciding on a logo:

Simplicity is Golden

As mentioned earlier, your logo can be simple, yet remarkable. Consider the logos well-known companies or name brands, such as Apple, Nike and Michael Kors. Major brand logos can be instantly recalled by just a glimpse. They’re easily recognizable and not visually complicated. As Web Designer Depot puts it, the point of creating a logo is to build brand recognition. (For some odd reason, when I see a cursive, red letter “C” I immediately crave a chicken sandwich and waffle fries!) Consider the ideas you’ve had for your logo so far. Can someone mistake it for something else? (Trust me, NO ONE mistakes Chick-fil-a’s giant, cursive “C”.)

Be Unique

Try your best to think outside the box. What about your logo can make it stand out and be distinctive from others? Remember, it doesn’t always have to look like your products. The Starbucks logo, for example, is the company name wrapped around the image of a, rather seductive-looking, crowned mermaid (or “Siren,” the proper name of the mythical, two-tailed mermaid). The image has nothing to do with coffee specifically, but rather the history of coffee and where the Starbucks’ company first began. The logo sparked curiosity for decades and, soon after, became accepted nationally.

Think Adaptable

You want your brand to be adaptable, or in other words, look the same on everything. This is why the color choice, size and typography are so important. According to Agenda Marketing, your logo should still be identifiable if printed in one color on the side of a gym bag. If you’re thinking billboards, apparel, and office supplies, keep this in mind.

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. Do your research, travel, and take notes from other brands. Think about logos that appeal to their target audience and have withstood the test of time. After following all of the tips above and coming up with ideas, jot them all down. Now, to the drawing board! (If you need help from the pros, check out some of our previous work here and here.)

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