The Truth About Low-budget Web Designs

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On the quest to find a website designer, sometimes people naturally shy away from hiring a professional web design firm, fearing that its prices are too steep. While it’s wise to stick within your budget, placing your decision solely on how much a firm charges is not. Website designing isn’t a quick and simple process, and if anyone tells you it is, well, keep these in mind before you hire them:


Have you ever come across two items in a store that looked exactly the same, but one was extremely more expensive than the other? That’s most likely due to their quality. Whether it’s knock-offs or store brands, retailers know that some people base their decisions on the sale price. While the cheaper item may look and feel like the other one, the average person doesn’t expect it to last as long. In the end, shoppers realize they spend more money purchasing the cheaper item more frequently, instead of originally investing in the regular item that was more durable. If a low-budget website immediately malfunctioned, you’d inevitably still spend more money to get it fixed.


Web design charges may initially seem costly, but after a well-explained project breakdown, clients understand the necessity. When taking on a project, a professional web design firm will breakdown the timeline, assigned tasks of everyone on board, and the specific cost for each phase and work performed. Compare the process to building a house: You’re not only paying for the parts and design, but also the labor and management, making sure everything runs smoothly within the allotted time. At our firm, this process is outlined within our proposals by our project manager, who oversees all work, effectively communicates with the client, and makes sure everything remains within their budget.


Don’t devalue skill and craft. You want the best of the best. Your business is a business because it offers a skill that others do not, and exceeds beyond what an average person can do. Yes, anyone can offer you a website, but not a good one. In most cases, “too good to be true” means too good to be true. You would be pretty suspicious if someone offered you a brand new 2017 car for $1,500. Why? Because a quality car cannot be properly built for that price. The same goes for website design and development. Remember, a good investment is profitable in the long run. An attractive, well-designed website will bring and boost your business. That’s our job, and we take pride in it.

We make sure our work stays within your budget and  we always extend expert advice. Let’s chat.

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