The Perks of Website Optimization

The creation of search engines, primarily Google, has seriously been a game-changer. It has become the primary source of quick answers and information for millennials like myself. Living without Google is like trying to read a novel in the dark: we’d try a page or two, but would eventually give up and succumb to a flashlight.

As the most popular search engine in the world, Google, is constantly updating its algorithm. This enables it to successfully navigate through billions of web pages to find what you’re searching for in a quarter of a second.You’re probably thinking, “Well, where do I fit in?” Simply put, Google will only do so much. You have to consider the thousands of other websites similar to yours, competing with the same services, in the same areas, and for the same target audience as you. Your website has to STAND OUT. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. If you’re familiar with DC Comic superheros, here’s an easy way to look at it:

  • The World Wide Web= Gotham City
  • Your Website= Damsel in Distress
  • Google= Batman
  • Optimization= The Bat-mobile

There is a possibility that Google will find your website, but you’ll have to put in some work in order to be ranked well.

Content is, indeed, king. Just like we do with magazines, Google skims through pages in search of headlines and keywords that pop out. If you’re website is about selling cars, yet doesn’t have enough information on the page about cars, Google gets confused. Words, especially well-descriptive, are what Google looks for.

Remember using Facebook before it’s mobile app? (Yeah, me neither). Facebook, as well as thousands of other businesses, understand that majority of our society is glued to smartphones. To maintain traffic, websites had to become responsive, or flexible, for smartphone and mobile usage. If someone can not properly see or navigate a website on their phone, iPad, or tablet, they’ll leave it. When you have a responsive web design, Google deems it worthy.

Last, a well-optimized website appears active. Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the copyright date hadn’t been updated? Or that the business has relocated, but never changed the address on their website? When a site looks like it isn’t cared for, the average person wouldn’t trust it. Google’s algorithm tries its best to avoid websites like this from ranking high.

So, does your website abide by any of the above mentioned? If not, let us know. Just turn on our bat-signal.

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