The Necessity of Quality Website Content: SEO Benefits

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“I want to show up first on Google!” If I had a penny for how many times a client has said this to us… well, you get the picture. Yet, when requesting content for their site, many clients tend to be the least concerned, with primary focus on, of course, the design. We only scratched the surface on the importance of content for SEO in a previous post, so it’s time to delve a bit deeper. For starters, let’s analyze the basics:

  1. People trust search engines (like Google) to help them find things on the internet
  2. Search engines list websites that match descriptions of someone’s inquiries
  3. Websites on search engine result pages, especially top rankings, draw the most traffic

“Hey, I’m in the mood for pasta. What’s a great Italian restaurant in town? “

“Not sure. Let’s Google it.”

(See the common denominator here?)

We live in a society where the world lies at our fingertips, thanks to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. If someone needs to look up a location or business, they’ll most likely search online. As a startup or small business, not too many people will be familiar with your company or services initially.

This is why it’s vital for your website to be filled with content. Search Engines do not “see” the aesthetics of web pages as we do, but instead read and follow word patterns.

For example, let’s go back to searching for that restaurant. Someone in Miami will most likely use Google to search for “italian restaurant in downtown Miami.” If you went ahead and tried it for yourself, you may have found these on the first page results:

Since we’re hungry and in a rush, we click on the website with the thorough title tag description of exactly what we’re looking for: fine italian dining in downtown Miami; Farfalle. Now, take a good look at the content of their homepage:


Notice the “fine italian restaurant” mentioned in the header and in the hero image? Also notice that “Downtown, Miami” is also on the homepage. Now, let’s navigate to their next page, “Restaurant.”

This page once again mentions “fine italian restaurant,” centered and in bold. Farther down the page, in their bio, they explain more about their background of Italian cuisine and mention their location, “downtown Miami.” This is a great example of a well-optimized website. Not only did keywords throughout the site fulfill the search inquiry, but they provided accurate information to capture our attention. These are the things that Google takes into account when ranking. Now, of course, the amount of similar industries in the area factors into page rankings, but if your competition doesn’t have a well-optimized website, it’s a no-brainer whose site will rank first.

We cannot stress it enough to clients how important it is for their website to have content. Simply put, it needs to be descriptive enough for search engines and your target audience to find it, and informative enough to keep visitors interested. As for all of the copyediting, title tag descriptions, and other SEO configuring that may be over your head, we’ll take care of it.

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