The ABCs of a Successful Website

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Think back to when you last went shopping. You didn’t know exactly what you were looking for but you said to yourself, “I’ll know it when I see it.” Consider what about the store initially caught your eye. Was it clean and well-organized? Were the staff professional? Were there many people shopping or browsing in the store? Were its products useful and affordable? When you really think about it, a successful website operates in the same way: it’s appealing, professional, active, and beneficial. When creating or revamping your website, the “ABCs” are a practical method in remembering key/essential factors:

Aesthetics (The Design)

Everyone has different tastes and opinions, but when it comes to a website, we’re all generally drawn to the same thing: a simple, clean design and easy navigation. It’s also important, especially in 2017, for website designs to be responsive. With mobile users surfing the web as much as desktop users, search engines praise sites that adapt to smartphones, tablets, and other popular mobile devices. We explain more in depth the importance and benefit of responsive websites in this previous blog post.

Brand (The “It” Factor)

Aside from the aesthetics, what does your website say about your business? In the same manner as shopping, visitors will deem a website reliable when they can benefit from what it’s offering. Think about how the website can help them trust and invest in your business. Are the photos throughout the website authentic and transparent, or cheesy and awkward? Do they tell the story of your business and services, or are they random placeholders? Our parent company, Key Web Concepts, recently shared an entire post on their blog about this very subject, “Selecting Photography for Your Website.” Lastly, your website has to be engaging. This is when the third letter our alphabetical method comes into effect.

Content (It Needs Words!)

Many people know what they want to say, but not how to say it. The president/founder of our firm finally decided to start hiring copywriters because he realized clients also needed help with effectively conveying their services. Copywriting, unlike technical writing, is not only informative; it’s also persuasive, entertaining, and emotion-driven. Copywriters know when to write in active voice, how to focused on solutions instead of problems, and how to keep readers engaged. Websites need killer call-to-actions that convince visitors to make a decision without weighing options. Most importantly, copywriters understand effective usage and placement of words to benefit your site’s SEO (aka, being discovered by search engines).

Now you know the “ABCs” (may sound a little cheesy, but hey, it’s easy!) If anything website-related is too tough or time-consuming for your business to handle alone, let us know. We’ll take care of it, no problem.

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