Articles About Small Business Websites

Tips for Managing Your Business Website

If you are looking for an affordable website for your business, it’s easy to cut corners. Throughout our years of experience in website design for small businesses around Richmond and Chesterfield, we’ve talked with hundreds of clients struggling to conquer the steep learning curve of internet marketing.

Below, you can find helpful website tips for creating an online presence that looks professional and attracts customers. As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions.

Is Wix Better Than WordPress?

Choose your fighter! Only one can win the fight of best website builder for your business. Read on to find out which one comes out victorious, and which one gets KO’d.

Eight Ways You Can Update Your Site Right Now

  Finding time to update your business’s website can be daunting. You know it’s important, you know it costs money, and you know that it can drive in more clients and ultimately increase your sales and profits. But there’s a lot that you, as a small business owner,...

How to Improve Your Site’s Content in 3 Steps

  No matter what your business’s services or products might be, the content on your site is crucial for its success.  After all, you want current and potential customers to come to your site for more information about your company. So you want that information useful,...

3 Signs Your Web Designer is the Real Deal

  With the rise of “Do-it-yourself” website builders, anyone can claim they’re a “web designer.” Nowadays, people are in such a rush to have someone design their website, they don’t consider checking credentials. It’s important to do some background research, first,...

How to Rank Well on Google

  So, your website is excellent, but it’s still having trouble in its search ranks? A client of ours called with the same concern, and after a deep explanation, paired with several solutions, he noticed an immediate change. “How do I show up better on Google?” We’re...

What Free Website Builders Don’t Tell You

We admit that those DIY site builders have advanced as well, but they still often don’t provide or assist with many of the most vital aspects of an effective website:

Web Hosting 101

Creating a website can be pretty confusing for first-timers, especially for those who aren’t millennials. For many of you business owners, however, the concept is a lot easier to grasp once explained. If you have or plan to start your own business, you understand the...

Managing your Website

Your new website has finally been launched—congrats! Now, with a strong online presence, your company has the potential to increase its recognition and revenue. As time progresses, however, and business increases, you may experience a hectic work schedule and rarely...

Follow the Rhythm of Google Algorithm

They say that the world changes every 4 years: fashion trends, presidents, and especially technology. Google (every millennial's go-to) is fully aware of these changes, especially those that take place on the internet. In fact, it’s actually one step ahead. Google’s...

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