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Frustrated by the few likes your business’s Facebook posts are receiving? How can you help your posts reach a larger audience, therefore bringing you more page visitors and customers? We’re glad you asked. With thanks to an informative webinar by Buffer, we’ve summarized some tips on how to improve your posts and help increase views of your business page.


Know the Updates of Facebook News Feeds

Have you logged on to Facebook lately? Pay attention to your news feed. Scroll for a while, and you may notice that some older posts have remained visible on the feed longer than newer ones. Facebook updates have made it so that viewers see “what they want to see”: posts and pages you’ve liked, followed and interacted with will now display on your news feed longer and more often than others. The same goes for posts from your business page. This is why relevance is key.


Using the News Feed to Your Advantage

We’ve all probably heard the hilarious phrase “Everyone and their grandma are on Facebook.” Well, according to statistics, it’s no exaggeration. Facebook currently takes up about 22% of the internet. (Do the math, folks! That’s a lot of internets!) What’s more shocking, and possibly beneficial for you, is that out of the 50 million active small business pages on Facebook, only 2.5 million of those actively advertise. Those who don’t advertise their business pages are basically getting no page visits, views, or even acknowledgment. Think about how much you could do for your business just by posting weekly, relevant content in the news feed!


Content for the News Feed: Facebook Ads or Boosted Posts?

They may come across the same at first glance, but each serves their own purpose. Facebook ads can target viewers based on general categories, such as gender, age, language, and location. On the other hand, after analyzing the stats of your business page using the “insights” tab, you can boost a previous post based on its total engagement and reach. Both, fortunately, give you the option to choose your set budget per day and length of time to promote them.

So what kind of content gets the most attention? Start off with something relative or interesting that particular day (trust and believe that Facebook keeps the world updated…thus the term “news feed.”) Next, consider posting what appeals to your viewers’ interests. How will your company’s services contribute to or benefit Facebook users? Your posts may not be able to cater to everyone, but when worded correctly, they can still be engaging and attractive. Try some “fun facts” and “Did You Know” posts. Share or re-share images, videos, memes, and other attention-grabbing content. Take a break from pushing your website or blog posts and re-share an interesting article every now and then. Amiable, sociable content makes your business page appear more “personable” and attractive (in simpler terms, people like people.)


Confident in posting for your business page? If not, that’s okay. We help with that too! Also, check out this blog post from our parent company, Key Web Concepts, about finding your company’s “voice” (this is great to know when developing content).

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