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Jamie Pickett worked with Key Web Concepts in the past to create her businesses Healthy Fur Life and Vitamutt, so when she needed a website for her most recent idea, she came back for help. Her newest business, Vets for Vets, seeks to connect Veterans in need of pet health care with volunteer Veterinarians. Jamie’s ultimate goal for a newly designed website was to promote her mission and establish Vets for Vets as a nationwide business.

Since Jamie needed everything built from scratch, our designer, Nora, undertook the task of creating a logo and website layout. As she collaborated with the copywriters, Nora made sure to align the design and pictures with the tone of the content, which appeals to Veterans with pets and Veterinarians willing to donate their time. Overall, they worked together to build a website that emphasizes the free professional care and sense of community Veterans receive when connected with better pet health care.


To inspire Veterinarians to donate their time, Nora and the copywriters focused on “giving back” to those who have fought for our freedom. Along with this message, Nora incorporated pictures that capture the companionship and comfort pets provide.

Because Jamie wanted the sign up process to be central, Nora added only sign up and donate options in the navigation to simplify the process for those browsing the site. The end product encompassed a logo with a paw print and our nation’s colors, a sleek and easy to navigate website, and optimized content.

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