Tuckahoe Child Psychology


With over 20 years of experience beneath her belt, Dr. Henderson, a licensed child psychologist, decided to open a private practice in Richmond, VA offering psychological counseling to children and teenagers. Passionate about helping youth and spreading the word, Dr. Henderson not only needed an online presence for her new practice, but also branding assistance. She reached out to Emerge for help in brainstorming a name, creating a logo, and of course, designing an awesome website.

Since the new office location of the practice was in the Tuckahoe area of Richmond, the team agreed on “Tuckahoe Child Pyschology” as the perfect name. . .and she loved it. Next, Dr. Henderson communicated her desire of something abstract for her logo, listing “curious, hopeful, resilient, and brave” as adjectives of her clients. After research and time at the drawing board, our designers went with a colorful, blooming water lily, the flower symbolic of optimism and enlightenment. She was ecstatic about it.


Finally, we combined the two, incorporating the logo and colors with child-adolescent images onto a clean, organized website. Visitors immediately understand what the private practice offers, having quick access to resources, forms, and contact information. Built on a responsive platform, users can easily navigate the website via desktop or mobile device.

Pleased with the entire outcome of the project, Dr. Henderson’s private practice is officially open for business.

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