How Delta Graphic Inc saw a 68% increase in yearly sales

Furnishing a better digital space with a website redesign


It’s hard enough to pay attention in school. It’s even harder when your chair is falling apart and your classroom has the same chalkboard from 1892. This is where Delta Graphic excels.

For over 50 years, Delta Graphic has designed and furnished learning environments for private and public schools across Virginia. Their goal is to enhance student learning by furnishing schools with the best furniture and equipment possible.

Just as it’s hard to learn in an old school, it’s hard finding a business if they have an outdated website. Delta’s previous website was not up to their standards, nor the standards of their architect and school administrator clients.

That was when owner Nick Monroe realized that they needed to reach their target audiences in the digital era.

They came to Emerge with the blueprint for an accessible website focused on showing off their work. We came back with a fully furnished site whose functionality made it easier than ever to share their expertise with potential clients.

Putting our problem-solving skills to the test

Delta Graphic has two main clients: architects and school administrators. Architects work with Delta to gather furnishing ideas for larger projects. Administrators need help with designing and choosing furniture for various school projects.

Delta’s website needed to appeal to these two types of clients. They came to us with this goal and a rough sketch that we could mold into the perfect design. After a productive meeting, our team put our heads together to find the best solution for them.

We figured that both architects and administrators have common needs when looking for designers and suppliers. Both have a limited amount of time to find a supplier, so they need to quickly access photos and case studies.

They don’t need pages and pages of text describing every minute detail. They need eye-catching photos and skimmable but clear content.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

We came up with a minimalistic design that focused on showcasing their gallery images. With a straightforward design, we could spend more time perfecting what matters: showing off Delta’s past projects.

That’s why the site’s premiere feature is the “Our Projects” page. This page features a gallery of Delta’s past furnishing and design projects, categorized based on project type. Each project has a variety of high quality photos and links to detailed case studies.

Users can find examples of Delta’s experience in a variety of projects like classrooms, auditoriums, and media centers. If they want to learn more, the case studies are available as downloadable PDFs for their convenience.

The rest of the site’s content is slim but targeted. It’s written to be skimmed by users but conveys the necessary information potential clients are looking for during their research.

Passing with flying colors

Nick and company loved the site when we showed it to them. With their approval, we launched Delta Graphic’s new website in December 2019.

At the time, Delta’s yearly sales were $3.4M. By the end of 2020, those sales had increased to $5M.


Increase in Yearly Sales Between 2019 and 2020

Nick attributes this increase in profits to the site’s accessibility and functionality. By incorporating the site into their marketing campaigns, Delta was able to attract new clients. The ease with which they could access the site was a major factor in them choosing Delta for their upcoming projects.

“The simplicity and functionality of the site and the ease with which we have been able to incorporate it into our larger marketing effort allowed DGI to grow from $3.4M in sales at the time of launch in Dec 2019 to nearly $5M in sales for 2020.”  – Nick Monroe

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