Salem Chapel and Event Venue

Creating an Inspiring Space for a Special Place

The venue for a couple’s wedding can set the stage for a magical experience for everyone involved. The backdrop of a historic chapel in the Farmville countryside invites wedding guests into the warmth of rustic chandelier and stained glass lighting.

The owner of Salem Chapel and Event Venue, Caryn Kayton, is a returning customer at Emerge. The first website we built for her was for her bridal boutique, Caryn’s Bridal. She was happy with the end result and came back to ask us to design a website for her wedding chapel. For a venue like Salem Chapel, a website is an inspirational space where some of the pieces of the event planning fall into place.


Marrying Stunning Web Presence to Pinnable Functionality

Salem Chapel’s website has a unique feature. On the Inspiration page, hovering your cursor over the photo reveals a Pinterest icon. Clicking on this directly pins photos of the chapel to your Pinterest board.

While this may seem like an extraneous detail for anyone unfamiliar with wedding planning or Pinterest’s role in such affairs, Salem Chapel’s target audience will see the value right away. This added feature, while not specifically included in the original proposal for the website, marries a beautiful website to a social media platform that thrives on stunning photography.

It’s a match made in heaven!

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