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Founded by Roger Bothe, Propel Tutoring empowers students and athletes to maximize their potential in the classroom and on the field. The purpose of his business is to enable young people to achieve higher test scores and reach their soccer goals.

Roger Bothe always had an affinity for math, soccer, and helping others, but it wasn’t until after receiving numerous athletic awards, attending the prestigious school of William & Mary, earning a bachelor’s in finance and master’s in accounting, and working in the wealth management field, that he realized his true calling was to give back to children in the same way he had been helped throughout his life.

And so Propel Tutoring was born.


As a startup entrepreneur, Roger Bothe requested a website with modern layouts, relevant images, and optimized content.

One of our designers, Nora, used a theme from WordPress to format the website pages and incorporate design elements while our copywriter, Rachel, got to work on researching the industry and writing fresh content.

We were challenged to create a website that seamlessly tied in the information about academic tutoring, test prep, and soccer training. Since tutoring and soccer training don’t naturally relate, we spent time tinkering with how to arrange the tabs in the navigation bar to separate them appropriately while keeping user experience in mind.

Over the course of a few weeks, we successfully completed a cutting-edge website with streamlined formatting, persuasive copy, and images of Roger playing collegiate and professional soccer.

For the navigation, we decided to separate tutoring services and private soccer training while splitting up the tutoring services into subcategories for clarity. We kept his clients in mind as we crafted the copy to appeal to his audience – the parents of students and athletes.

And to drive clicks and conversions, we incorporated calls-to-action in optimal places throughout the website. The end product emphasized Roger’s personal and genuine approach while highlighting his credibility and achievements as an established tutor and trainer. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed working for Propel Tutoring and we’re honored to promote better education and athletic training.

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