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Launching a Small Business Lawyer to the Next Level

John Rabil is a small business lawyer in the Richmond VA area. His law firm, Launch PLLC, has a unique model of providing legal services on a prepaid monthly plan. This method allows him to respond to his clients needs as they arrive and effectually give unlimited legal counsel to small businesses who need all the help they can get.

Moving Beyond the Limits of a Website Builder

His story is similar to a lot of clients who come to Emerge. He had built a site on a popular free website platforms. While he had moderate success with the out-of-the-box non-customizable format, he outgrew its capabilities quickly.

Our goal was to set him up with a responsive website so that he could reach his small business market with a strong internet marketing strategy.


SEO in the DNA

Unlike many free website platforms like Wix or Squarespace, search engine optimization was worked into the fabric of the website by a collaborative effort of a designer and an SEO strategist. Before editing any of the content for the site, the SEO strategist performed keyword analysis on searches about small business lawyers. He highlighted common verbiages related to searching online for an attorney and prioritized the use of certain key phrases over others. We communicated this with John and showed how we would help Launch PLLC’s website get the the great start that he wants for his small business and startup clients.

View Launch PLLC’s small business law firm website here.

Grow Your Business

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