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How We Helped This New Business Reach Their Full Potential

“Design without strategy is like going on a road trip without a map.”

This is the phrase our designers at Emerge live by when designing websites and logos for our clients. Essentially, a slick website and a modern logo is nothing without a brand or voice behind it. Without a clearly defined brand, a business will have a harder time competing with businesses that have an established brand.

Jessica VanLeeuwan came to Emerge looking for a new website. She brought with her a premade logo and business cards for her company JVL Consulting. The only problem? There was no defined brand behind the images.

The logo looked professional and eye-catching, but Jessica needed a website to help convey her brand. The site had to fit with the image and clearly convey what JVL Consulting can offer to the world.

Our initial meetings told us that Jessica is a professional and a hard worker, someone passionate about her business and about helping other businesses succeed. She engaged with our questions with eagerness, showing us that she was a perfect fit for our own dedicated team.

Charting the Path

After we decided to work together, we began our full strategy. This includes our UX Strategy and Brand Discovery sessions.

The Brand Discovery Session sees a designer and a copywriter work together with the client to pinpoint what makes their business unique. We focus on how to most effectively show those qualities to their specific audience.

Speaking with Jessica face-to-face gave our team the chance to understand her personality and how to incorporate it into her brand. Jessica believes this is what led to her successful website launch.

“Jon was able to understand what I saw in my head and put it into the website. He kept asking questions and narrowing things down. He made things simple.”

Jessica wanted JVL Consulting to appeal to market supervisors in the private sector. These professionals who have efficiency issues at their companies and are at risk of missing deadlines. Jessica is known for getting results with customizable services, and she wants to appeal to people looking for effective and proven training.

In an effort to further appeal to these supervisors, we decided that the site itself should be simple and straightforward. We didn’t want to waste anymore of their precious time.

The goal became to create a site that reflected the professionalism of the logo design, but also to incorporate Jessica’s humbleness and helpful nature. We also needed to cater to the busy professional in a hurry.

Once we defined JVL’s brand, it was time to design the website around the brand. This is where the UX Strategy comes into play.

In this exercise, we work with you to learn the materials we need to build a user-friendly website that revolves around a specific audience’s needs. Plus, the insights we uncover about how you relate to your customers can be used everywhere else.

The result of the UX Strategy Session is this website, which aimed to achieve the previously listed goals without sacrificing smart design.

Following the Trail

The hero image is shaped by the page layout, where the image directs the user further down the page. The design also incorporates the diamond shape of the logo, reaffirming that professional look.

As the user scrolls through the homepage, each section gives an efficient description of the company’s services, philosophy and history. The professional look also exudes confidence, making JVL seem established, reflecting Jessica’s own experience in the industry.

We made the page scannable by adding large fonts, small paragraphs, and a clear thematic journey. These design choices always drive the reader to learn more.

The design is straightforward, as nothing gets in the way of the important information in the copy. Most users can take a minute to skim the website and understand what they’re getting with Jessica and JVL Consulting.

The clarity and strength of the website would be nothing without Jessica’s input and close involvement with the project. By maintaining an open dialogue between us for every step of the process, our designer, Jon, and copywriter, Anna, were able to clearly understand Jessica’s vision. At the same time Jessica trusted our advice and experience, giving us room to bring her ideas to life.



Reaching Your Destination

By working so closely with Jessica, Anna and Jon were able to collaborate with her to create a professional and sleek website. More importantly, we created a brand and voice for JVL Consulting that will guide the company for the near future.

At the end of the day, our mission is to provide a better experience for users and a clearer brand for our clients.

We see ourselves as more than web designers, we’re business partners.

We strive to help create the map for every client’s unique road trip, making sure they’re on the right path every step of the way.

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