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Dr. Pugh came to our team looking for a fresh website to promote his chiropractic and acupuncture center. Along with modern designs and updated content, he wanted to add more services and associations to his site while improving SEO.

After an initial consultation with Dr. Pugh, our project manager, designers, and copywriters agreed that the best solution would be to use a WordPress theme to create his website. Even though they’re not as complex as custom sites, themes still allow a lot of creativity and are easily optimized for SEO purposes.

The Process

Once the proposal was sent and signed, our team went to work on collaborating to put together an end product that would reflect Dr. Pugh’s unique selling proposition and attract his target audience.

From the beginning, he expressed that his target audience is millennials who are looking for sustainable health options. However, he still treats and receives plenty of middle aged clients as well as elderly people. In general, he explained that he wanted all of his current and potential customers to benefit from a relaxed environment, alternative treatment methods like acupuncture, and innovative techniques.

One of the challenges we faced was incorporating all of the specific aspects that make Ironbridge Chiropractic & Acupuncture unique so that it would stand out from the competition. A few factors that make Dr. Pugh and his business unique include ART, sports injury treatment, his association with the Richmond Kickers Pro Soccer Team, and his experience as a treating physician for the PGA Champion Tour.

Through quality images and blurbs on the homepage, we were able to highlight and link to pages that expand on what these services are and how they set Dr. Pugh apart as a chiropractor in Richmond, VA.


The new website not only includes sections that explain specialties, it also contains a new patient page where people can learn about Dr. Pugh’s goal to help patients help themselves through long-term chiropractic care and exercises performed at home.

In addition, the website has a page to “Meet the Doctor” where users can discover more about Dr. Pugh and see his degrees and certifications. To keep people updated on industry news and tips, we also added a blog page and newsletter page.

With a user friendly navigation and modern layouts, our mission was to create a website that would exceed Dr. Pugh’s expectations, promote his specialties, and attract his target audience. Overall, our team and Dr. Pugh himself were thrilled with the finished product.

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