Spray it, don’t say it: How a 5-star spray foam insulation company rose in the Google rankings

Users skyrocket over course of consistent optimization work

If you had to choose between 300 and 40 website visitors a month, which would you choose?

Before the launch of FoamTech’s personalized website in March 2021, they only had about 40 using their site each month. Since then they saw their visitors rise to 100, then 200 and finally over 300 a month.

With new users spraying in from left and right, FoamTech really took off. Their website continues to gain new service or location pages each month as part of their continued commitment to reaching their community. Spray foam is their specialty and it’s vital that their website shows that off. 

Other insulation contractors might bounce around from service to service, but not FoamTech. They would help every building in the region switch to their superior spray foam material if they could. 

That’s why Emerge has crafted them a website packed with proof of work, must-have facts about insulation quality and pages that show everything that is possible with spray foam insulation. 

Emerge has increased their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts with an initially optimized website, ongoing content writing services and routine analytics tracking. 

Building Up the Busy Business Owner 

Small business owners wear a lot of hats, they’re some of the busiest people you’ll ever meet. 

FoamTech’s owner Bart Bonanno is no exception to this rule. He is trained to handle all of their insulation work, operates the business and you can find him on jobsites keeping strict quality control measures.

A person with this much on their plate needs low-stress marketing services. Emerge works specifically to help small businesses like FoamTech.

Their sustainable growth started with a simple-to-use website, filled with content by our copywriters and optimized for search by our SEO specialists. Every bit of research and content creation was handled while FoamTech’s team focused on their insulation work. 

Not only does the site seamlessly guide users through enticing service pages to the contact form, the personalizable WordPress site makes internal editing easy. 

Spray foam is all about energy conservation, coincidentally the goal of the website was to conserve Bart’s energy for other tasks.

His Search Engine Optimized website acts as an extra full-time salesperson for FoamTech. Emerge is the secret behind what keeps this running. 

Our team created forms, content that converts, in-depth pages, and a highly navigable homepage and site structure to help FoamTech welcome new clients. This high-ranking website encapsulates new users each day and insulates a reliable following of clients. 

Sticking to the First Page of Google Results

When FoamTech first started their SEO maintenance plan in March 2021, they were not even ranking in the top 50 websites for the search term “spray foam insulation Richmond VA.” By not showing up for their main service in their largest service area, they were missing out on potential clients. 

But as their digital presence grew, FoamTech skyrocketed up the rankings. They’ve sat comfortably on the first page of Google for that keyword for 16 months out of the last two years. On average, their site brings in over ten leads a month from SEO. 

Leads a Month from SEO

In February 2023, FoamTech ranked on the first page of Google for 36 of their high-priority keywords including terms such as:

  • Spray foam insulation service Richmond VA
  • Attic encapsulation Richmond VA
  • Metal building insulation Richmond VA
  • Spray foam companies Richmond VA 
  • Commercial insulation Henrico VA 

With all those hot spots in the search results, FoamTech has really spread their reach. They saw a 53% increase in users from 2021 to 2023. Their users increased by just under a thousand people over one year, that’s one thousand new sales opportunities that FoamTech didn’t have before! 


Increase in Users Over a 2-Year Period

How FoamTech Expands to Target Hard-to-Reach Places 

Just like how spray foam seals up every little inch of the walls inside a home, FoamTech is reaching to cover the Richmond region’s search results. 

Ongoing landing page and service page writing campaigns help the insulation contractor serve new audiences. Whether it’s going from Chesterfield to Ashland or from crawlspaces to attics, Emerge is working to get FoamTech out there.

If you want a website that not only shows off how hard you work, but also works hard for you – Emerge is here to help. 

Get the best out of your digital footprint with an optimized website and ongoing SEO deliverables that strengthen your sales efforts. Schedule a free consultation to get a website that will have your competition foaming at the mouth. 

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