In One Year, 775 New Users Found Richmond’s Own Sanford Insurance

Sanford Insurance has offered affordable and comprehensive insurance plans for businesses and homes in Richmond since 1988. In that time, they’ve remained competitive with the national names in insurance thanks to their local roots and customer-first mentality.

They didn’t get that way by resting on their laurels. That’s why in 2019, founder and CEO, Mike Sanford, noticed their website could use some extra coverage. Our sister company, Key Web Concepts, had worked closely with Sanford in the past, so when they needed to adapt to changing user experience standards, they knew who to call.

Thanks to an informative meeting and a targeted content strategy, Emerge created an accessible and modern website. Sanford has since reached hundreds of local Richmond users in need of quality insurance.

Full digital coverage for your website

When Sanford met with our team, they had a vision for how to update their website to meet the demands of their clients. Their goal was to make a website that felt modern and would be easy-to-navigate.

This meant mixing current design and user experience trends with Sanford’s own brand identity. We had a rewarding conversation with their team. We decided that a design overhaul, full copywriting from our team, and an ongoing SEO plan would be best for them.

They happily agreed to the terms. This gave us the opportunity to incorporate strategic SEO and accessible design into the site’s foundation.

Comprehensive  website design for comprehensive insurance

Our team created a website that is meant to draw in the user with a clean and simple layout.

Every page is easy to read and even easier to navigate. That’s why the descriptive headings and direct body text are designed to be skimmed. This strategy ensures every user can quickly find the insurance information they need.

Our copywriting team took inspiration from the strategy meeting, writing user-friendly pages that efficiently explain what each service is and why Sanford is uniquely qualified to protect your life and livelihood.

By incorporating SEO into the site’s foundation, Sanford hit the ground running when its redesigned site launched in February 2020


Sanford seeing a return on investment on SEO

The results of this strategic planning and open communication with Sanford Insurance speak for themselves. Comparing their 2019 and 2020 4th quarter analytics, they’ve seen major improvements:


User Increase YOY 2019 vs 2020

  • Users increased by 83.61% YOY.
  • New users increased by 3.8% YOY in the same period
  • The Sanford homepage saw a 95.71% increase in pageviews YOY
  • Users from Virginia increased by 63.54% YOY

A professional website design is good insurance for your digital presence

While we’re excited about these results, we can’t take all the credit. Thanks to Sanford Insurance’s transparency and passion for protecting people, we were able to create an effective, user-friendly website.

Without our initial meeting, and Sanford’s own high quality work, the current site would not have been as successful as it is. Along with our ongoing SEO plan, we make sure that Sanford’s digital future is just as protected as their clients’.

If you’re looking for a partner for your website design, contact Emerge to schedule an initial consultation. We love hearing about your business!

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