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When Creative Minds Think Alike, They Make the Perfect Logo

Stepping Outside The Box

Creative thinking is at the heart of brand and website design. We’re always thinking outside the box to find strategic design solutions that can help business owners stand out in a noisy world. Because of our approach, we’re always excited to work with people who have a unique take themselves.

Dr. Carla King has a passion for healthcare and providing for children and young adults in need. She noticed an issue in the healthcare system where families wait for months to see a psychiatrist. For most people, they can’t put life on hold.

Carla took her passion and created Out of the Box Medical, which provides a holistic approach to pediatric mental healthcare. For those stuck in between doctors, Carla offers guidance for mental health care.

The only thing she was missing was a defined logo and brand. She needed an identity that reflected her dedication to pediatric care and her unique approach to the industry.

Creating the Building Block

We offered her our Small Business Package: which comes with a brand discovery worksheet, custom logo/identity, domain name, email account, and landing page. It’s everything a new business owner needs to hit the ground running.

As with all of our clients starting a new business, we began with our Brand Strategy Session. This is where we spend time getting to know your business not only as a product or service but as a uniquely valuable personality that should stand out from the crowd as a well-defined brand.

Through this exercise, we found that Carla wanted her company’s brand to be personable and reflect her values. Carla is a pediatrician whose passion for helping children and young adults come from personal family experiences.

Because of this, she wanted to appeal to parents and families who needed someone on their side. She wanted her logo to express empathy and comfort, to seem friendly and inviting.

A New Kind of Brand Discovery

Once we knew the tone Carla was going for with her brand, we then had to create an identity that expressed those ideas. Since Out of the Box Medical is a unique kind of medical practice, we decided that we needed her brand identity to look the part.

We decided to add the Logo Audit to our brand discovery session. For this exercise, we looked at logos from other medical practices. Then, we discussed with Carla what she liked and didn’t like about each one.

This allowed us to get a more specific idea of what the client likes and dislikes about logos. In turn, this gives us a better chance at creating the best logo the first time.

Through the Logo Audit, we found that Carla valued simplicity that clearly conveyed the brand’s message. Nothing flashy or overly stylish, the form should convey the function.

Jono, our brand strategist, took this invaluable information to heart. He began to create various logos that fit within Carla’s newly defined brand.

A Different Perspective

The design began with a box shown from a three-dimensional perspective, with a transparent top side. This shows a different perspective of the box, reflecting the name of the company.

It also conveys the business’s uniquely sympathetic perspective on healthcare. Jono then added a transparent heart to convey the caring and open environment she aims to provide to/for her patients.

For the typeface, Jono chose a thick font with rounded edges. The plump letters are easy to read, capturing childhood by reflecting the look of youthful logos. The typeface ultimately comes off as playful, not stern or authoritative, but collaborative and inviting.

The biggest challenge was to formatting the company’s long title. Despite the difficulty, Jono was already in the habit of thinking outside the box. After testing many different designs, Jono landed on the current identity.

The words are stacked on top of each other in an uneven formation. The “Out” is outside the frame of the box, while the other letters are haphazardly placed on each other. This look reflects wooden building blocks, appearing as if a child had stacked the words themself.

A Brand New Beginning

Jono took inspiration from the brand discovery session to craft an identity that Carla King could truly communicate to the world. The final product serves as the building block for Out of the Box Medical’s new beginning.

“I had a great experience working with Emerge.  As a new business owner, I knew the type of services I wanted to provide, and Emerge was able to create the words and images to help begin this journey.  Highly recommend for new business owners just beginning their startup.”

– Dr. Carla Lynette King (via Google)



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