Making the Cut: How Hair Motif Landed on Page 1 of Google

Before Elizabeth Sessler was the owner and head stylist at Hair Motif in Richmond, VA, she was a successful hairstylist in her own right. With years of experience and a passion for her craft, Elizabeth had built a dedicated group of clients who trusted her insights.

After building her roots at hair salons across Richmond, Elizabeth decided she wanted to start her own hair salon. She saw a lack of high-quality hair salons in her neighborhood and wanted to fill that void with her own group of talented stylists people could rely on.

With a clear vision in mind, all Elizabeth needed was a brand logo and website to compliment her goals. By working closely with us at Emerge, Elizabeth was able to collaboratively create a confident logo and site for Hair Motif’s grand entrance.

Combing the Perfect Look

Jon and Sam met with Elizabeth to understand what her brand goals were with Hair Motif. She had a clear idea for her business, wanting it to seem stylish and confident, but also friendly and inviting. She wanted to help other people feel that same way by finding them the perfect haircut and style.

As such, Elizabeth also wanted to focus on the community and her salon’s local roots. An important part of the Hair Motif experience is meeting new people in the neighborhood and having great conversations with your stylist. She wanted to make sure old clients felt comfortable and new clients felt invited.

Confidence Supported By Data

Jon and Sam were inspired by Elizabeth’s passion and heart. Her emotions fueled our logo and website design, along with how we optimized the original content she provided. The result is a site and logo that fit Hair Motif’s brand: perfectly mixing modern chic with neighborly sincerity.

Clearly, this brand has been effective.

Since its launch in August 2020, Hair Motif’s website has ranked on page 1 for many niche hairstyling services they specialize in, including:

  • Hair re-texturizing richmond va: #1
  • Color Treatment Richmond va: #3
  • Modern Hair Salon richmond va: #8
  • Hair color and cut richmond va: #10


Organic Search Traffic in 2020

32.72% of users who visited the site since launch found the site through Google organic search results. On top of this, of the majority of users, 20.33% are from their target location of Richmond.

People aren’t just going to Hair Motif, they’re staying on the site. Since launch, their bounce rate has decreased 12%, going from 70.76% in the first three months to 58.79% in the last three. Their returning users have also increased in the same period of time, going from 10.6% in the first month to 23.1% returning users in the past month.

Elizabeth was able to tap into her neighborhood’s needs, providing them a safe and inviting salon where people can come out with a new, confident look. By being openly passionate and collaborating with us, we were able to create the website and brand that best represents Hair Motif. Plus, the brand and site can grow with the business as it expands throughout the years.

“My expectations were definitely met with this team! I had web design as well as branding created and the end result is stylish, professional, quality. Everything they stated they would do in the proposal and the flow of the process was perfectly met. I would definitely recommend them.”

-Elizabeth Sessler

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