Logo Design for Financial Center in Richmond VA

Cashing In With A New Logo Design

When Virginia Financial Center (VAFC) came to Emerge, they had an idea. An idea that challenges the way people look at financial services.

As a forward-thinking financial firm, Lisa and Burt Robinson wanted their logo to communicate their welcoming nature and commitment to protecting families.

They wanted to communicate that financial planning can be fun and exciting.

But how do you overturn an age-old perception of an industry with a reputation of limited fun?

Revolutionizing Financial Planning Through Collaboration

Specializing in insurance policies, mortgages and notary needs, Virginia Financial Center needed a logo that represented their business in a way that enticed clients.

Before the redesign, their logo was isolated and failed to communicate their industry or philosophy to their audience.

It didn’t portray professionalism nor the financial planning business.

With an oddly placed diamond, their old logo consisted of three letters and typography practices that were outdated and jagged.

Following a very collaborative discovery session, during which we uncovered the values of VA Financial Center and how they differentiate themselves from other financial planning firms, our team went to work.

Operating on a compassionate culture, VAFC makes financial planning fun through engaging education and an unmatched level of hospitality, helping families make and save money.

To VAFC, their clients are more than just clients. They’re family to VAFC.

Committed to carving out a path to freedom for their clients, they prepare families for financial stability through integrity, dedication and motivation.

So, how could a logo portray those qualities?

A Redesigned Logo That Makes Cents

Taking the qualities and attributes from the discovery session, our creative director paired them with design best practices to create a logo that embodies that path to freedom.

The result is a logo that is more organic and abstract, moving away from the corporate and impersonal feel of finance and towards a path of passion and compassion.

Within the logo, the path is represented in the fluidity and curvature of the grey and green aspects that make up the logo. The negative space between the two represents the value VAFC provides to their clients; a defined path.

The soft edges of the logo communicate gracefulness while the positioning of the logo shows a grey checkmark indicating positivity and an upside-down triangle to represent femininity for this woman-owned business. This communicates a welcoming and nurturing environment where families can feel safe and empowered in their financial planning.

The humanist font, Lato, in order to continue the push away from corporate branding, adds a more personal touch, helping VAFC stand out from other financial companies that fail to have personality in their logo.

Living In Harmoney With Their New Logo

VAFC does what they do because they believe that having money and a future shouldn’t be a complicated mess. Just as they take the mess out of financial services, we took the mess out of their brand identity.

Refined, professional and representative of their business, their new logo now embodies the very traits that they want to be known for.

Check out their new logo here and start your personal journey towards financial freedom.

With experience in creating logos for clients across all industries, Emerge is ready to transform your branding materials with logos that are as specific to you as your services are to your clients.

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