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Matchmaking Service Finds Their Match With Emerge

In Need of a Logo to Fall in Love With

Sometimes finding your other half becomes especially difficult, and you begin to lose hope. Bloom Matchmaking, an exclusive matchmaking service, helps people avoid that situation and meet their match. Bloom came to Emerge to be matched with a logo and website that represented the lifelong connection someone could find with Bloom, while being more sophisticated than your average dating site.

After a brand discovery session with one of our designers, Jon Otero, revealed some of the core values that Bloom stood for. They were tired of seeing people being mistreated on matchmaking programs and apps, and wanted to create a safe and personalized method for meeting people. They wanted to convey trust, hope, and assurance to their audience in the hopes that people would have the confidence to find their soulmates.

Designing “The One”

Jon took their image to heart and designed a logo encompassing what Bloom stands for. Starting with a blue and rose color scheme, he was able to create a design that reached out to all genders equally. By using a modified Georgia typeface with rounded edged, Jon was able to convey a professional and sympathetic look. The two halves of the word “Bloom” are joined with a linking of the o’s, creating an effect of togetherness while also forming an infinity sign. The overall effect of the colors and design represents two separate components joining together to create an image of unity.

Bloom now has a new face to their brand, giving their clients something to recognize and trust.

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