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Financial coach Allen Fletcher started his own business, Allen Financial Coaching LLC, because of his passion to help people live better, debt free lives. His goal was to provide unbiased services to millenials, and others in need of financial guidance, in a welcoming and sincere environment to help them feel confident through Financial Education. Fletcher came to Emerge looking for a logo that would communicate value and appeal to millennials through its identity. 

In order to properly convey Allen Fletcher’s vision, Emerge held a brand discovery session with him. This revealed three major points that were key to his brand: being welcoming yet dependable, having a sincere and energetic voice, and communicating reliability and hope to those who are open minded.

A Debt Free Outcome

To capture these ideas, one of our designers, Jon Otero, created a simple and modern logo that represented everything that Allen Financial Coaching LLC stood for, without being overly complicated. Using a strong yet humanist typeface and rounded edges gave the logo a welcoming and friendly feel, while the open “A” conveyed value and ascension, something that Allen Fletcher strives for in his clients. Finally, a splash of color mimics the energy and growth provided by the business. 

The overall outcome gave Allen Financial Coaching LLC a fresh new look that welcomes its clients with open arms and gives them someone to depend on.

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