Adrian Clewlow Goalkeeping Coach

A Goalkeeper Trainer Teams Up with Emerge

Getting the Ball Rolling

As a professional goalkeeper, Adrian Clewlow was used to guarding the net alone, but this time around, Emerge had his back.

Clewlow is a professional goalkeeper who was in the process of starting his business, Adrian Clewlow Goalkeeping, to train goalkeepers of all ages and skill levels.

He put a lot of effort into creating his business idea, but needed to take the next steps for it to become a reality. Like any new business, Clewlow needed to create a professional logo and website to begin building his brand and online presence.

Feeling as if teams treat goalkeepers as a last priority when it comes to practice, Clewlow came to Emerge in need of a design that could say to goalkeepers, “you are our priority.”

A Website and Logo Design that Scores

After a brand discovery session with Emerge, Clewlow was able to recognize and express the characteristics that were the most important to his brand- being dynamic, dependable, and inspiring to push their goalkeepers to reach their own maximum potential.

For the website, Clewlow wrote the content that he wanted included on each page, which was optimized by our copywriting intern, Katherine Boller. The site was then constructed to be appealing to its visitors, with the goal of drawing them to ACGK’s services. This resulted in a modern, user-friendly site with Clewlow’s mission and services highlighted at the top of the page.

Our designer, Jon Otero, was able to create a logo that captured all that ACGK stood for.

Four arrows converging in the middle represents the concept of motion, while also forming the shape of a goalkeeper protecting a goal.

The vibrant red and yellow color scheme offers a strong yet friendly feel to the face of the business. Clewlow was so impressed with the logo that he didn’t just stop at putting it on business cards and his website- he is also the owner of some unique goalkeeper gloves that proudly displays his very own logo.

ACGK is now able to promote its brand, achieving Clewlow’s goal (while helping others save theirs).

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