Out With the Old: New SEO Trends of 2017

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Last year’s trends are this year’s old news. While many of us are looking forward to spring cleaning, Google is already one step ahead. As we mentioned in a previous article, Google’s search algorithm changes every year and, as a result, so do SEO trends. Not to worry. We’ve already done the hours of research, trial and error so you don’t have to. Here’s what’s trending in 2017 that may strengthen the SEO and search rankings of your website:

Guest Blogging

There are so many pros to guest blogging, with the best being SEO enhancement. What better way than to increase recognition of your name, company, brand, and expertise in that industry? Jayson DeMers explains in his AudienceBloom article that all of these factors are what Google uses to calculate the credibility of an author, thus benefiting its page rankings when searched.  DeMers goes on to mention that blogging on other sites creates links back to your website. By generating leads and more traffic to your site, this “inbound linking” is what search engines such as Bing and Google heavily focus on when ranking sites.

Longer, More Detailed Content

As a copywriter, I’ve always been biased when it comes to stressing the need for words. Now, thankfully, Entrepreneur.com supports my claim. According to their article, long-form content helps with organic searches. SEO experts can testify that a website without enough words is hard to index. Google search bots “crawl” websites for information, and words are what they use. This is why it’s important to have descriptions and keywords in your titles, subtitles, and text throughout the web page. 

Websites with a Responsive Design

A responsive design is a must-have (in fact, we actually wrote an entire post specifically about this topic). With mobile web browsing now exceeding desktop usage, Google highly recommends websites having a responsive design. According to this contributing article for Moz.com, it’s probably because Google performs “mobile-first” indexing, that is, ranking a website higher in search results due to its ability to cater to mobile users.

These trends, of course, may change over time so, as always, be on the lookout. Check back on our blog from time to time for more tips, insight, and updates. Also, when you’re ready to check SEO assistance or “update website design” off of your to-do list, you know who to call

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