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Marketing On-Demand (MOD) to help your business grow

Even the biggest and best businesses need a little hand holding when it comes to promoting their services and reaching new people.

Your small team is doing a great job keeping your company running. But with all of your current tasks that keep you busy, it might be time to contract out some additional support for marketing.

Emerge can help you meet customers where they already are: whether that’s the first page of google, their email inbox or their social media feed.


Giving your Richmond small business a big presence

When someone mentions marketing services, what comes to mind? Maybe you think about digital ads or a well-run social media account, or maybe you have a friend who works in email marketing.

Marketing services can include things like search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, data analysis, social media management, advertising, email campaigns and website designs.

With so many bases to cover when it comes to marketing, it’s unlikely one person could do it all alone.

The best way to give your small business a leg up is to use as many relevant marketing tactics as possible. If you had a marketing team or department, that’d be a piece of cake.

But, many companies serving their local community can’t afford an in-house marketing team. Or you might have a marketing professional on staff but they’re limited in what they can do.

The benefits of monthly marketing services

Hiring a marketing expert that does it all can be expensive and the cost of benefits and overhead add up, especially for small businesses. Even with the most unique and well-rounded hire, they don’t have the support of a marketing team.

That’s where Emerge comes in. Our strategists, designers and copywriters have experienced marketing specialists who work together to get your business the best results possible.

Marketing On-Demand means that you get to choose a range of hours, a contract length and a variety of marketing services that work for you without breaking the bank.

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Planting the seed for your marketing growth

Your vision and industry-knowledge are valuable when creating a marketing plan. Emerge likes to sit down with each of our clients and start brainstorming ideas together.

Your growth potential kicks off with a Discovery Session. Throughout the session we will chat with you about your business goals, branding, potential clients and competitors. 

The priorities set during this session help drive our marketing efforts going forward. 

This could be anything from the words you like to use, the images you want to highlight, the places you want to expand to or the kind of customers you hope to reach. 

Emerge’s marketing services menu

Unlike when you make a new hire or work with a freelancer, Emerge has a huge list of marketing services that our team can provide. Each one has the potential to bring in new leads and increase your profits.

Emerge specializes in web design and SEO which means your options for MOD services span past what you’d get from a full-service digital marketing agency.

Throughout the consultation and Discovery Session, you’ll get help pinpointing what services your business needs the most. This could be things you’re already doing that you’d like to improve or a new venture that you haven’t gotten started on.

Here is what you can request:

Graphic Design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Print design (flyers, brochures, cards)
  • Website graphics
  • Digital graphics (ad banners, social media, email marketing)
Web Design
  • Website redesign
  • Page additions
  • Website edits
  • Website management
  • Web hosting and maintenance
Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimization of current web pages
  • Additions to pages
  • Quarterly ranking reports
  • Google My Business management
  • Print copy
  • Digital ad copy
  • Press releases
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Sales landing pages
  • Additional or revised website pages
  • Email marketing campaigns
Social Media
  • Posts and management on the following platforms
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Youtube

How’s it growing?

Marketing services are one of the many steps towards creating a successful business. But sometimes it can be hard to understand how exactly things like a popular social media page or effective emails pay off.

If you’re the kind of person who is all about the numbers, here are some digital marketing statistics that can show you your potential:


  • Email marketing has an average of 4400% return on investment
  • Over 50% of people research their purchases on social media
  • 90% of buyers who read online reviews before their purchase said they were influenced by positive reviews
  • The top five Google results get 67% of the clicks for each search
  • Businesses with blog posts get 55% more web traffic

Fractional marketing support on your terms

Most small businesses don’t ever dream of hitting the ground running with a marketing team. When you use Emerge, you get a consistent crew of experienced workers to help grow your business.

Employees come and go on their own terms, which can stop marketing efforts or complicate projects. This is why your marketing schedule should be up to you.

Fractional marketing with MOD allows you to bring on part-time marketing help, instead of hiring a full-time employee. Our team brings experience from working with hundreds of clients to your unique business. You get to choose how much help you need and we divide our time to give your marketing the attention it deserves.

A lot of large businesses look for a fractional chief marketing officer(CMO). With Emerge you get hands-on support from our leadership and most experienced workers regardless of what size your plan is.

Emerge makes it simple to keep your business growth on track. When you sign up for monthly fractional marketing services, you’ll choose between 3, 6 and 12-month terms.

At the beginning, it’s easiest to start with a 3-month term, just like an employee’s first ninety days. This allows you to test the waters, see some results and figure out what you’d like to do next.

You can reevaluate the results and if you are happy you can move into longer terms and larger projects.

Regardless of what term you choose, Emerge is all about making clients happy and helping local businesses thrive.

Katharine Shelah
Katharine Shelah
Working with Jon and Adam has been fantastic. We’ve partnered with them on several projects as our first experience was so successful.
YME Landscape
YME Landscape
The Emerge group produces high quality webpages with trackable SEO results. I have been more than please with their creativity and the results from the teams performances.
Patty Gill
Patty Gill
The entire Emerge team was a pleasure to partner with on my website re-design. I cannot recommend them more highly! I could tell from the first phone calls with Allie and Adam that I was in excellent professional hands. Once Jon and the creative team got involved, they actually took time to learn about me, my business, and the services I provide to my clients. They listened astutely to the vision I had for my new website. Then BAM! they created it exactly how I was hoping, and even added enhancements I hadn’t thought of. Anytime I had a concern or question during the process, they all—Jon, Austin, Patrick, Adam and Allie—were so responsive and helpful. True problem solvers and solution finders! Both technical and creative experts. I also know that going forward, I can reach out to them with any new project or issue and will have their support, which as a small business owner, that means a lot. Emerge is the professional dream team in the website design and digital marketing world!
Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson
I originally reached out to Emerge with assistance in business startup. It was there that I connected with Jon who brought a lot of value during the initial phase. He helped me to dial in the focus and direction of the company through several conversations. Moreover, Jon’s experience and insight brought great value to my company. I would highly recommend Jon and the Team at Emerge for anyone looking to take their company to the next level during a time where the markets are constantly evolving and competition is high.
Dante Piro
Dante Piro
Allie, Sam, and Jonathan helped me make my very first professional website, and did an incredible job! Having a website built is one thing, but running, editing, and managing it is quite another. Their care and attention to making sure that I was comfortable and ready to take it over was stellar.
Greener Designs Landscaping
Greener Designs Landscaping
If your small business needs a website, the only team you should hire is Emerge Richmond. They led us through a discovery session that helped us vocalize our marketing needs and tailor our brand to our future customers. It was all based on what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. They're a top notch professional team & stayed in constant communication with us throughout the project's development life cycle.
Lisa Robinson
Lisa Robinson
It was a joy to work with Jon and Jim from Emerge on our project. We absolutely love their professionalism, responsiveness and the outcome of our website landing page. We learned so much during the process! Thank you Emerge team!
Carolyn Spohrer
Carolyn Spohrer
From initial conversation to totally re-designed website, working with Anna, Jim, Jon and Patrick and the rest of the team from Key Web Concepts/Emerge has been a great experience. Having to meet virtually because of the pandemic was not a problem (we still have yet to meet in person). They came in on time and within the budget (important for a small non profit) and were very responsive as they led us through discussions about what we wanted for the new website. They continue to be responsive as questions arise about editing pages in Word Press. Great experience working with Key Web/Emerge.

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