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Your new website has finally been launched—congrats! Now, with a strong online presence, your company has the potential to increase its recognition and revenue. As time progresses, however, and business increases, you may experience a hectic work schedule and rarely find time to manage your website. This includes checking important things such as the website’s functionality, traffic, responses, and alerts. You may think, “I’ll get to it later this week,” right? Not a good idea. Leaving your website unmonitored for even a day may cost you more than you’d think.

Importance of Website Monitoring

Technology, unfortunately, has one downfall: it can malfunction. From glitches to broken links, to even the entire server crashing (yes, this happens), your website can instantly become invisible to visitors or clients without your knowledge and, eventually, lose credibility to search engines. How much business can you lose in one day? Well, consider this: your website consists of your company’s location and directions, contact information, business hours, and if it has an online store, product descriptions, and online payment options. You could lose a day’s worth of revenue (which could be thousands) and not even realize it. Whew! That’s a lot to take in. When it comes to successfully running a business, it is fundamental to have consistent website monitoring and management.

Benefits of Website Management

Website managers are a great investment in assuring your website’s performance. Not only do they make sure your website is consistently running properly, but also, if they’re a web design firm like us, they can fix the problem! From designing and developing websites to providing web hosting packages, identifying and resolving a technical issue is second nature for us. Site managers can check for hackers and protect the image of your business online. If your website is performing well, your business is performing well.

Tracking Website Performance

When it comes to actually monitoring the performance of your website, we use Google Analytics. It’s the most widely-used, easily accessible and, not to mention, free online analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic using comprehensive statistics. It can provide visual graphs and charts of a website’s visits, pageviews, bounce rate (the number of visitors entering a website then leaving) and the percentage of new visitors. It also tracks referral traffic through search engine keywords, direct visits, mentions from other websites, and marketing campaigns such as banner ads. These visual reports help website managers understand what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be changed or adjusted. Analytics is useful for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, in which keywords and website structure are updated regularly to achieve the greatest search results.

Choice of Service

Now that you’re familiar with website monitoring and management benefits, let’s talk about your options. As I mentioned earlier, web design firms are a great choice, yet some companies turn to using digital web monitoring services, such as Pingdom and SiteUptime. These digital web monitors, which are usually operated by artificial intelligence, may have the ability to work a 24-hour shift, but aside from that, their reliability isn’t up to par with that of a firm. Keep in mind, technology can malfunction, including a digital web monitor. They’re also unable to give in-depth explanations regarding the issues of your site or go in to fix it, as a human can.

Remember, your company’s online presence is just as important as it is in person. Hundreds of thousands of potential clients search online for information and services; your website needs to be ready and available at all times.

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