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So, your website is excellent, but it’s still having trouble in its search ranks? A client of ours called with the same concern, and after a deep explanation, paired with several solutions, he noticed an immediate change. “How do I show up better on Google?” We’re glad you asked.

First, Google’s Algorithm is a lot to learn in such little time. Unless you’re an SEO expert on top of the latest updates, it’s hard to understand immediately. So here are the basics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of increasing visibility and traffic to your website organically (meaning ‘not pay per click’) in search engine results. A well optimized website helps Google’s search bots (and other search engines) quickly find, examine, and index a website’s pages. Most of our clients are already familiarized with our tips on web design and content. So, when your website is still not performing or ranking well, what else could be the problem?

Well, there are several other factors that affect how a website ranks:



Online presence doesn’t limit to just your business’s website. Everything is connected. If there are other searchable pages that link back to your website, Google monitors and accounts for those as well. So, for businesses that keep up with their Facebook page, such as weekly postings and interaction with users, then traffic from Facebook is driven to the website. Same goes for traffic from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that social media pages show up in Google search results too. So, if your other pages haven’t been used in a while, it’s a good idea to start taking full advantage of them.



We don’t blog every week just for our health; we do it for you! Google knows that site visitors check back regularly for new posts, which shows that the website is active and of some importance. Even if blogging is uncommon for certain industries, businesses can still cleverly create posts that are interesting and engaging with their target audience: customer testimonials, special events, family-oriented ideas, holiday office party photos, etc. Blogging is not only beneficial for SEO, but also a great way for users to see the personable, amiable side of a business.



Ever walked past a vacant, creepy-looking house? Since no one lived in it and took care of it, wears and tears of the house became visible over time. The same mindset is applied to websites. It’s evident when a business hasn’t updated its website in a while: broken links, old images, outdated copyright year, and so on. We can’t stress this enough. Even if it’s a slight sentence change or new photo added, this helps! Google looks for websites that are active, and occasional updates give off that impression.

Remember, your rankings affect how users perceive your business. Understanding and applying these key factors should add an extra boost in its search results. And if you’ve got an itch in your sleeve for any website updates or SEO assistance, we’d love to help.

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