How to Maximize Your Organic Reach on Facebook

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You already know that social media is beneficial for your business, but are you having trouble getting your Facebook posts to reach enough people?

If you’re looking to maximize the organic reach of your content, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into some secrets on how to get more views, likes, and shares so that businesses like yours can get the followers they need.

First of all, what is organic reach? It just means that you didn’t pay for your posts to be boosted and viewed. In the past, getting organic reach was a breeze, but in 2016, it decreased by 52%. So what exactly happened?

Basically, there is just too much content being posted on Facebook for each piece to get a moment in the spotlight, and Facebook now sorts posts based on what it thinks each user wants to see.

Because it requires a little more strategizing to achieve organic reach, here are some tips for working the system.


Be human

The last thing that users on Facebook want to see is content that looks spammy or sounds like it was written by a robot. Today, getting engagement on social media means sharing snappy, visual posts that grab attention and use personalized language. Speak directly to your audience and keep it short and sweet, but be sure to include visuals, questions, and calls to action.

Even though organic reach dropped 52% recently, Facebook’s new algorithm favors videos. In fact, videos get 135% more reach than photos with live videos having the most engagement.

In addition to showing a personality within your posts, it’s important to respond to the people who interact with your content. For example, if people comment or send a message, respond promptly with a relevant answer. Continuing the conversation shows followers that you are human too.


Find the right followers

At the end of the day, it’s better to have an average amount of followers who regularly engage with your content than large numbers of people who don’t gain anything from your posts and aren’t likely to interact with them.

The key to pulling in the right followers is to target your niche audience – the people who are actually interested in your posts. One way to do this is by focusing more on your lead generations than brand awareness.

According to HubSpot, “a lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service by giving you their information in some way.” For example, they might have downloaded a newsletter or started a survey.

Because these people are already interacting with your information, it’s crucial to study what they’re looking into so you can post content that is related to their interests.

And in order to learn what attracts lead generations, we have to…


Look at the numbers

At the top of your business Facebook page, there is a link in the navigation bar called “Insights.”

If you click on this, it will direct you to a page with options to see the graphs and statistics of all of the actions, views, likes, and total engagements you are getting on each post. 

For a more advanced search, you can use Google Analytics to get detailed statistics and descriptions about what kinds of people are engaging with your content.

Overall, it’s important to pinpoint, replicate, and recycle popular content. So if a particular post got a lot of action, be sure to find what worked well and reuse those same tactics.


Avoid 3 common mistakes

Be careful to avoid the following mistakes when posting content on Facebook:

  • Making your page only about selling products
  • Never sharing anyone else’s posts
  • Using an inconsistent brand voice

When trying to increase organic reach, stay away from only promoting your products and services – this will give people the vibe that your business is impersonal and uninteresting.

Likewise, share other businesses’ content, especially stuff that is relevant to your mission. This builds connections and support among entrepreneurs.

Lastly, keep your brand voice consistent as you promote your business on Facebook to build credibility and reliability among your supporters.


If you need help with your social media, let us know today! We strive to use the best strategies in our own social media, and we’d love to give you more insider tips.


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