How to Improve Your Site’s Content in 3 Steps

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No matter what your business’s services or products might be, the content on your site is crucial for its success.  After all, you want current and potential customers to come to your site for more information about your company.

So you want that information useful, convenient, and ultimately for it to serve your clients needs.  While this can be a tricky thing to implement, we’ve compiled three tips for making sure that your website’s content is as great as it can be for your potential and current clients.

Keep the Industry Jargon to a Minimum

If you’re a plumber and your site’s content uses terminology that only other plumbers would understand, than a customer of yours, who knows nothing about plumbing, would probably leave your site confused. Instead, think about your average customer. What questions do they ask you most? What do you find yourself explaining over and over again? These are the things you want to think about before writing your site’s content.

Maybe you include a special page devoted to answering questions and helping your customers feel more confident in your industry’s jargon (i.e. a Frequently Asked Questions page). But definitely don’t include that kind of language on your website’s homepage. Instead, use layman’s terms to showcase your products and services so that your customers feel confident when reading your site’s content.

Cut to the Chase

The main goal for your site’s content should be to give your customers the information they need as quickly as possible. Use your homepage as a way to highlight your company’s most used services or products. Having multiple calls-to-actions will make it easy for your customers to understand your services and get in contact with you.

You’ll also want to avoid overdoing your company’s story. While many of your customers will love to read about your company’s background, you definitely want to be sure that personal information is placed in the right area. An “About Us” page or an “Our Story” page will give customers access to that information without having it take away from your services and/or products.

Convenience, easy access, and the right information is vital to your website’s success because it allows your clients to leave your site with exactly what they came for.

Stick to a Consistent Voice

A consistent voice means that your content is written with the same tone and target audience in mind. You don’t want to begin using first person (like “we” and “us”) and then switch over to third person (“they” and “them”). This will change the way your customers read and interpret your site’s content and it can cause confusion.

You also want to be sure that your site uses proper grammar as well. A site that is flooded with grammatical errors may cause your company to lose authority with your customers. If your top competitor uses proper grammar on their site, but your site doesn’t, then a potential client may chose your competition over you.


These three tips are a great start to having A+ content on your site. Remember who your target audience is and be sure that you are writing content for them to want to buy from or hire your company.  

And if you find it to be too tricky, give us a call. Our copywriters specialize in writing for the web and we’d be happy to help your business out.

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