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Whether your business is just starting out or you’re looking to reevaluate your current brand — a brand strategy session could be exactly what your company needs to align your business goals with your values.

But what exactly is a brand strategy? A brand strategy is where you develop, plan, and curate your company’s brand to align with your business’s goals and values to help your business become successful. This curated brand strategy is then applied across all of your marketing efforts, helping you meet your goals while staying true to your values.

Basically, a brand strategy session helps your business strengthen its foundation so it can afford to grow.

What happens in a brand strategy session?

A brand strategy session is where you plan for your brand’s success. Usually, the business owner will sit down with a brand strategist and go over the goals of the brand and company. These strategy sessions are where brainstorming meets planning — it’s where your big ideas come to fruition. Throughout our brand strategy sessions, we help you narrow down your target audience, create a mission statement, and finalize the true goals of your brand which leaves the design process smooth and consistent.

Why does my brand need a strategy session?

Your brand needs a strategy session for many reasons:

  • You’re just starting out on your business venture
  • You’re established, but aren’t meeting your goals
  • You’re established, meeting goals, but know that your branding is inconsistent and possibly confusing your clients
  • You’re looking to rebrand

Any of these four positions mean that your company would benefit greatly from a brand strategy session. Basically, if you aren’t sure what your brand is or how it helps your business grow, a brand strategy session will help you figure it all out.

What will my business get out of a strategy session?

When you walk out of a brand strategy session you will feel your business’s values aligned with your business’s goals. By creating a mission statement, prioritizing your core values, and identifying your brand tribe,  your session will add to the foundation of your business plan. And we all know that a strong foundation is the key to growing successfully.

How do I get started?

Easy! Give us a call. While we specialize in website design, graphic design, and marketing strategy — brand development is one of our favorite things to help businesses with. We offer various small business packages for those who may just be starting up their business venture, as well as full corporate redesigns for companies who are more established. We love helping business thrive and we’d love to help yours!

We can hold brand strategy sessions in our office or over the phone. So whether you’re a fellow Richmond, Virginia business like us, or you’re in another city or state — reach out to us!