Eight Ways You Can Update Your Site Right Now

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Finding time to update your business’s website can be daunting. You know it’s important, you know it costs money, and you know that it can drive in more clients and ultimately increase your sales and profits.

But there’s a lot that you, as a small business owner, can do right this very moment to update your site quickly and effectively. Not only will these 8 tips give your site a face lift, but they could improve SEO rankings, user experience, and client relations.

1) Check your links

Links within the content of your site can be very beneficial for users and for optimizing your site. Consider adding a few links that link not only to external sites, but also to relevant content within your own site. But be sure that your outbound links open in new tabs, because the goal is not to move traffic from your site to another site. By having those links open in brand new tabs, your site stays open for the user and you’re able to give them other resources that relate to your brand.

If you already have a good amount of links within your content, don’t overdo it by adding a ridiculous amount. This could be considered Black Hat SEO, especially if the links don’t link to relevant content. The Google bots will find you. Before linking, ask yourself: Will my client benefit from this link? Is this link relevant to my industry?

And be sure to check your links often! If your site is filled with broken links, Google will not be happy. Update your links and be sure to test them often.

2) Write a blog

Blogs and/or News sections can be great assets to your website. Because you’re constantly updating the site with blog posts, your site will always appear updated to Google. Plus, you have a platform to give your clients information, updates, and tips for your field.

If you don’t currently have a blog section, consider adding one! It can be a great way to not only improve your site, but maintain your SERP rankings.

3) Update your staff page

For some reason, the staff page on a website always seems to be neglected. But it can be a great tool for your business because it gives your clients a glimpse into who your company is run by. So be sure to constantly update with new hires, job title updates, or updates to those who have left your company.

4) Add or Update a Call-to-Action

Call-to-Actions (or CTAs) are a great way to get clients to contact you or even learn more about your business. Basically, a CTA gives users the ability to act on your site, either by exploring pages or calling you for your services. CTAs are important to have on your site, so if you don’t currently have any, we definitely recommend adding them.

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Here’s an example of a CTA from our very own website! If you aren’t sure where to direct users (besides the contact page), think about what area of your site gets the most views. If you don’t have a CTA for that section, adding one could improve page views and bounce rates.

5) Update the Copyright Date

This is a super easy way to make your site look freshly updated! Usually, the copyright date is in the footer of your site and is typically just the year.  By updating it, your users will see that you are active on your site and ready to serve them today.

6) Make the Content More Readable

If your site has big blocks of text then this is an update you definitely want to utilize soon. Users can easily feel overwhelmed by too much text. We recommend cutting out unnecessary content or adding bullet points, headers, and bolded words. This allows users to skim content easily.

Because most people won’t read those big blocks of text. So simplifying it for all the skimmers out there means that your content and information will reach more people.

7) Add Social Media Links

If you’re utilizing social media for your brand, good for you! What a great way to bring in more business using a free marketing tool. But if you have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter mastered for your business, but don’t have a link to your accounts on your website, well, you’re missing a lot of traffic opportunities.

Adding a social media icon to the footer of your site and/or the contact page is a great way to show users that you want to communicate and connect more with them. And users love it!

If social media isn’t your thing — don’t worry. We offer social media training sessions where we not only set up your account with high quality content and photos, but we also teach you how to use it. Contact us if you’re interested!

8) Keep Checking and Testing

Test everything — forms, payments, links, buttons — because if any part of your site isn’t functioning properly, you could be missing out on business. Be sure to test it in different browsers as well as devices. It might look different on mobile than on desktop, and if some part of your site isn’t functioning properly, you want to solve it before a customer sees it.

Updating your business’s website can feel overwhelming, but a lot of updates can be done faster than you’d think! We hope these tips allow you to freshen up your website today instead of putting it off until tomorrow.

And if you need assistance, reach out! We’re here to help you.

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