Creating a Website: Theme vs. Custom Design (Pt. II)

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In our previous post, we broke down the definition of theme customization and tips to remember when deciding to use one for your website. Larger companies, or those with flexible budgets, are most likely looking for the option that gives them complete control of the overall look and functionality of their website. This is when custom design & development come into the equation.

Custom Design Defined

A custom designed website is constructed completely from scratch, according to your direction. Sometimes, what you envisioned for your website can be limited by a pre-designed template, and having a custom design permits control from beginning to end. To accomplish this, it’s wise to rely professionals who are skilled in coding languages and user experience, having expertise in web development and knowing the ins and outs. Hiring a design and development team for your site enables customization from top to bottom, exactly how you want it. While Emerge focuses primarily on customizing themes for startups and small businesses, our parent company, Key Web Concepts, caters to both website design and development.

Here’s a peak at a few custom designed websites done by Key Web:


 Pros & Cons of Custom Designed Websites

The perk of having a website customized from scratch is that it allows more control of aesthetics and functionality. It is uniquely designed to fit your company’s needs and overall brand. The process, however, is not simple. Communication between the client and designers needs to be consistent and specific, where proofs/drafts and several revisions are accounted for. Also, the actual development of the website, on average, is an 8-10 week timeframe, which is much longer than that of customizing a template.

When to Choose a Custom Design

After listening to our clients during a consultation, we’re able to determine exactly what is needed based on their expectations, timeframe, and budget. A custom designed website is highly suggested when:

  • Your business needs flexibility for significant changes and/or updates of the site
  • You’ll need advanced I.T. work done, such as customer/employee login portals
  • Your business is willing to invest at least 2 months of time into the desired results

If this sounds like the direction your business is going, then a completely customized website is right choice. We encourage you to visit the website of our parent company, Key Web Concepts, to learn more about the overall process. They’re known for making your vision a reality.

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