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Take a look around you: the city, nature, colors, music–there’s inspiration everywhere. Even on social media, notice how you engage with minds of different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. Your neurotransmitters are doing the exact same, concocting one of the most powerful entities known to mankind: an idea. That is where everything begins. The origin of your brand, your business, and root of your motivation and internal drive, all comes from an idea.

This idea of yours, is what we work with.

Our consultations are held to help you communicate your ideas effectively, and for us to get a better understanding of your vision. That way, when we create a phenomenal logo and website for you, they exemplify your business and brand to the highest degree. Yet, when clients come to us full of inspiration, but without preparation, it’s harder for our team to grasp the concept.

Just as teachers prepare lesson plans before taking on a classroom full of students, clients who come prepared to consultations enable us to learn and process their ideas efficiently.

So, if you’re that inspired, self-discovered entrepreneur ready to get started on your new business venture, there are a few steps to take before our initial consultation.

List your Goals

Aside from making a profit, what is your overall purpose for starting the business? What do you envision achieving once everything is up and running? What type of customers are your services geared toward? When you’re able to immediately define your business in a nutshell, everything else comes easy.

Do your Research

Is there anyone else within the same industry offering your services? What attracts your clientele? What do you need from us to get started? Not only is it important to know your competition and target audience, but also what we offer and how we can help. We’ve had a client who, although very passionate and willing to start their project, was only interested in paid advertising, a service we do not provide. We’re a team of web designers and copywriters–websites, logos, and search engine optimization are our specialties. Knowing our services prior to scheduling a meeting ensures that time isn’t wasted, neither yours nor ours.

Bring your Props

Many people are visual learners. Not to say that we aren’t great listeners, but sometimes it’s much easier to physically show or demonstrate your ideas. Whether it’s a pamphlet, printed notes, products you offer, or a vision board, having tangible items are tremendously helpful during our brainstorming and designing process.

Know your Budget

After all is said and done, meaning you know what you want, when you want it, and why, it’s time to factor everything together and determine how much you’re willing to invest. A good investment goes a long way, but only you know your limits. Our business is geared toward providing affordable solutions for small business owners, but at times, clients bite off more than they can chew. We want the best for you, and will always be upfront with our pricing and estimated project hours.

Ready to cultivate your ideas into something great? We’d love to help! Just remember: preparation before presentation.

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