Clever Gift Ideas for Clients and Coworkers


12 days until Christmas and the crunch to get a gift for everyone is real. Amidst the flurry of powdered sugar, stringing tacky lights, and Mariah Carey belting “All I Want for Christmas is You,” trying to stay focused as the holiday gets nearer can seem impossible, and you’ll start to wonder, “How the heck would Santa be able to check a list twice?”

Spending the last few days up until Christmas stressing about buying the right thing for everyone probably won’t get you in the Christmas spirit, and chances are, you’ll forget somebody.

The easiest gifts to overlook are ones for clients and coworkers, but in some ways, these people deserve them more than anybody.


If you’ve started a successful company or are considering establishing your emerging business, you know that your clients are the reason you can pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Their support enables you to grow in a competitive marketplace where 90% of startups fail.

Giving clients small gifts not only shows your appreciation, it also helps nurture your existing relationships with them and could just keep them around longer.

Coworkers, however, can be a little tricky. It may not be necessary to get everybody in the office a gift, but think about those people who you truly enjoy working with and who you’ve built relationships with.

Here are a few easy ideas to get you inspired:



If you’ve ever glaced at Pinterest or noticed the increase of potted plants on your neighbor’s windowsill, you know that succulents are a growing (pun intended) fad.

Little potted plants weren’t always so coveted but now they make a perfect gift because they’re cheap and last a long time. Best of all, you can attach a note like this to the plant.

We suggest saying something along the lines of, “Thanks for helping us grow,” or, “Because of you, we can grow,” for clients to highlight the significance of their support.

For a coworker, you could write something similar to the line Jen Hadfield suggests in the image above or a simple line like, “Happy Holidays.” Home Depot usually has a good assortment of cheap succulents to choose from.


Coffee or tea assortment

Coffee and tea tend to be a universal passion, so you can’t go too wrong throwing together a basket as an affordable gift for your clients or coworkers.

Michael Scott from The Office might have taken the gift basket idea too far, but most people still enjoy an assortment of small things, especially if they’re useful. And nothing’s more useful than the caffeine in coffee and tea.

Similar to the succulent gift, it would be a good idea to attach or include a personalized note that expresses your appreciation and wishes them a Merry Christmas.


Humorous knick-knacks

While a plant or tea assortment make amazing gifts, there are also countless creative knick-knacks out there to make your clients and coworkers laugh.

Here are a few of our favorites from ThisIsWhyImBroke and Amazon:

If you know any Bob Ross fans, this heat reactive mug will tickle their fancy for sure.

bob ross mug, emerge richmond va

Some of your coworkers are guaranteed to be die-hard cat fanatics. This pet hoodie will not only thrill them, it will also keep their furry friend warm.

cat hoodie, emerge richmond va

For everyone who works at a desk, this foot rest hammock is the absolute perfect gift to keep their feet from falling asleep.

foot hammock, emerge richmond va

Whether you choose a more practical present or something a little more wacky, your coworkers and clients will be thrilled to know you’ve been thinking about them.


If you’d like more gift ideas or suggestions, reach out to us! Our door is always open and we love hearing from you guys.

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