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If you’re a business owner, you’re an entrepreneur. If you’re an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of networking and making a good impression . . . which is why you need a business card. I know, I know, Stone Age idea, right? Not quite. In fact, you’d be surprised as to how much of an impact those pocket-sized cards still have. Here are three reasons why you should have them on hand:

  1. They help build personal connections

    We live in a society where nearly everyone interacts digitally, via email, social media, or text messages. Exchanging information in person, however, shows your authenticity. After a nice conversation, pass along your business card with a firm handshake and eye contact. Never forsake face-to-face interactions, as they’re always an opportunity to build a memorable, solid connection and potential relationship for your business.


  2. They show that you’re proactive

    Carrying along your business cards shows that you’re serious about your career or business and always prepared. Let’s say you engage in a great conversation with someone at the airport. Your expertise in the topic of discussion has really left an impression on them about you; however, their phone battery has died. In scenarios like these, where the environment is rushed and someone may lack a writing utensil, a business card is quick and convenient.

  3. They enhance your professionalism

    Above all else, business cards are the most classic, universal, and effective way of separating yourself from the average jobseeker. Freelancers, keep this in mind as well. Whomever you encounter that may not be interested in your services can still pass along your information to someone who is. That is the power of networking. Business cards can help make you referable and build your professional brand.

Keep in mind that a lot of factors go into leaving an impression. A plain or unappealing card design can be easily forgotten. Your card is still your brand, just shrunken down to 3.5 x 2 inches. You want a fresh, eye-catching logo and a persuasive description, with a clean and polished finish. After all, you’re an entrepreneur, and you want a professionally designed business card to reflect that.

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