5 Website Design Tips & Trends of 2022

Dec 9, 2021 | Featured, Small Business Marketing, Web Design

The thing about trends is that they come, they go, they cycle, they repeat, they impact and they influence. With the year 2021 coming to a close, it’s important to begin considering the vault of new trends that are anticipated next year within the digital world.

When it comes to website design, trends are an ever-evolving door of possibility, innovation and creative out-of-the-box thinking.

Where, then, do we begin in the new era of digital web design?

Trends typically are a byproduct of the cultural, social and economic climate of the web users. With the past couple of years bamboozling everyone with a global pandemic, brimming with feelings that haven’t quite returned to “normal” when interacting with what is unfamiliar, there has been a levy of trends to counter the overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety that plagued the past couple of years.

And web design is the place where this can begin.

1. Clear & Informative Websites For User Engagement

Research shows that sites that are actively designed with clarity, simplicity and openness in mind will gain the most amount of traction within the market.

While these characteristics can result from a myriad of design and content elements, one of the first trends to consider is to create a website that shares with the web user, rather than telling and demanding.

What does this mean?

It means users are expected to be more inclined to connect with a site that functions on inspiring messaging through visuals and interactions that surprise and engage.

Micro-Interactions & Animations

One way that website innovators are using this method is through micro-interactions and micro-animations. This includes background videos and animations that actively engage the user’s mind.

Subtle but noticeable.

Detailed but digestible.

Simple but refined.

Micro-interactions and animations on a website adds a level of detail that can help your site standout to users. These interactions and animations can include the change of an image or coloring of a button — all with the hovering of your cursor.

As simple as the movement of an icon when interacting with your cursor, your website can emulate a tactile feeling and interactive experience for your users.

These are necessarily useful for illustrating concepts and processes that can otherwise be complex and confusing, in a way that is clear, concise and simple.

It allows your site to illustrate your message, animatedly, and in a way that words never could.

2. Websites That Are Keeping It Simple.

Users have had to navigate the unusual, unprecedented climate of the last two years, amidst a global pandemic.
No one is looking to interact and engage with things that are complex and difficult to understand.

The trend, is as simple as this:


Nobody wants to make anything more difficult than it has to be.

What does this mean for web design? It means users are shifting to engage with sites with simple messaging and minimalistic design. In 2022, there will be an active switch towards eliminating roadblocks to customer engagement by incorporating simple designs.

By combining calming colors, vivid imagery and very clear call- to-actions with simple and understandable messaging, you set the stage for more engaged customers eager to learn more through your website.

When you use messaging that is simplified, you implore your readers to want to learn more on their own accord.

Information overload is outdated. Just ask the internet.

Simple Page Design

Simply put, simplification is what will drive most design trends going into 2022. Rather than putting everything on a single page and overloading the users, website designs are shifting to lighter weight experiences that entice the users to explore deeper.

Consider designs that offer more space and a gentle motion, conveying information in a way that reveals and expands rather than overwhelms and confuses.

Adopting a minimalistic design mindset can help increase your website’s appeal. When using colors to add to your design, 2022 trends are encouraging breaking the industry monotony of white space with sites that include colorful and minimalistic designs.

Bold coloring can grab user attention while also adding character to your website design.

Simple Web Forms

You can use these principle elements in your website design through web forms, even.

Designing these forms, simpler and lighter in weight, can avoid losing potential leads through a series of complex questions.

In addition, fewer interactions on web forms makes it easier on users who are accessing your site via their mobile device.

Enlarged Buttons

In terms of keeping it simple and easily-navigable, predictions show that there will be a shift towards the use of big buttons to attract the users. This can boost navigation and feature accessibility, especially for users who are using mobile devices.

In your website design, you will need to consider it’s mobile-friendliness. As with technology trends, users are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices now, more than ever.

3. Safe & Comfortable Website Designs For User Trust

With the wave of trends within the digital environment influenced by cultural and social events, there is a strong shift towards designs that help users feel safe, reduce anxiety and feel ready to engage again.

We’re seeing websites integrate more imagery that evoke outdoor spaces and utilize design that is inspired by home decor for simple, minimalistic design that is inviting to users.

Readable Design

Design that adapts to give people the perception of more space can help reduce their anxiety and encourage feelings of comfort and safety.

Incorporating natural and organic shapes within the website design helps your site feel unique, alive and inspiring to visitors. Consider having a website that is designed in a way that makes users feel they’re in a space that is as safe, secure and comfortable as that of their own home.

Design Practices for Ease of Understanding

These designs that feel spacious, accommodating and inviting to the visitors will surely speak to your visitors’ sense of security and safety.

This includes the use and integration of organic and geometric shapes that are dependent on the brand’s aesthetic strategy. Consider colors that will be used hierarchically with the most dominant to the least dominant.

This will help with contrast for user readability and understanding. You will want to ensure your site is using white space in tandem with black text. This is the most foundational way that users have been reading text.

When it comes to text, you will want to make sure your website incorporates text that is:

  1. Within 70-80 characters per line to avoid eye strain and decrease tension
  2. Left-aligning as it is standard, familiar and comfortable for western readers
  3. Very minimal if it is centered as lengthy centered text can strain the eye

4. Website Designs That Are Customized To User Needs

Customization in any product is much more likely to attract the attention of potential clients. People want products that cater to them. People want products that speak to their needs.
With that being said, your website design in 2022 should consider this ever-appealing element.

What does customization of a website include?

Well, you will want to consider the overall accessibility of your site. As an ever-more-important element, the accessibility levels of your site should be able to accommodate users that may have visual or auditory impairments.

Ensure your site is accessible in its:

  • Security
  • Design
  • Content strategy

This assures your message will get across to everyone.

When users make the intentional decision to activate accessibility features on their device, they’ll notice you made the decision to support them.

Visitors will notice you’re helping to accommodate them.

Site Customization Features

Your 2022 site should consider integrating theme and font customizations as well as supporting operating system features.

This tells your potential customers and clients that you’re thinking about their needs and desires, not in a way that will benefit you, but one that will ease the experience for them, (pretty selflessly we’d say).

Some of these systems and features can include:

  • Dark & light mode – ensure your website has dark and light modes with respective color palettes that won’t affect the visibility of your site.
  • Font scaling – ensure your website maintains the capability to enlarge font sizes for ultimate reading experiences for all audiences.
  • Contrast adjustment – ensure your website presents its readability through contrasting colors that are easy on the eyes for your users.

Personalized Messaging on Your Website

Paired with a website design that wins over customers, messaging that is personalized to your target audience and consumer base can enhance user trust to bring desired returns.

When potential clients feel as though you are speaking directly to them with messaging that resonates, you create a personalized experience for that reader. With personalized experiences, come positive feelings towards your website.

Personalized content gives visitors trust and confidence in you. They will feel you understand their interests, needs and desires.

If they can trust that you understand what they’re looking for, you proactively strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Potential clients need trusting relationships to pursue a purchase or belief in your products, services or mission.

5. Experiences That Are Generating Positive Mindsets

We will begin to see a transition towards website themes of recovery and growth.
How exactly can this be fostered with website designs?

With clear messaging and inspiring imagery, these website designs can help visitors understand what they’re looking for without feeling demanded to take action or directed against their will.

Websites that create experiences that help generate positive thinking and goodwill by the user will counter the feeling of overwhelming information overload that can often cause an inability to cope with and understand what they are seeing on your website.

When your site helps the visitors, they can foster a trusting perception of you.

Find a Website Design Agency Specific To You

Website design trends, much like everything within the digital landscape, are ever-evolving and ever-changing.

Beyond just enhanced page speed and personalized user experience, websites are shifting towards sites that are simplified in design, customized in messaging and interactive in experience.

For website design, it’s more important than ever to consider an experienced creative agency that specializes in modern trends with a commitment to innovation and updated practices.

If you’re looking to get one step ahead of your competitors in 2022, start the year off right by partnering with Key Web Concepts.

Schedule your free consultation today and get your project started with our Discovery Session!

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