4 Best Topics to Post About on Google My Business

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In our sister company’s recent blog titled Google Is Undermining Facebook With A New Feature, we dove into what Google My Business is, why it was created, how to set up your account, and how to navigate your dashboard.

At the end, we briefly explained what you should share on Google Posts, but in this blog, you’ll get a full-blown list of the best post ideas so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to promote your small business on Google.

Show off your services or products and announce new arrivals

Even if you have a services page on your website, highlighting short snippets of your products or services through posts can draw people in because of their simplicity and urgency. For example, Simmons Computer Solutions will often post about their $40 diagnosis fee because it’s easy to describe and enticing since it’s a good deal.

google my business, google post deal

Or, like Flagstop Car Wash, you might have a unique offer or membership. For example, their RVA Wash Club makes a great Google post…

google my business post, flagstop car wash

Share blogs, case studies, infographics, etc.

Sharing other internal marketing materials can also effectively motivate people to click into a post.

Blogs that answer commonly asked questions, provide how-tos, or shout out other local businesses are appealing because people can access relevant information.

google my business post, richmond businesses

google my business post, target audience

Infographics can be used in the same way since they contain data or resources to understand a process or topic better. However, posting about case studies builds social proof instead of just giving information. They can convince potential customers of your credibility as people see the work you’ve accomplished already.

Below, is an example of case study for NYSCA we shared:

google my business post, nysca case study

Highlight promotions and specials

Whether it’s a holiday sale or regular promotion, highlighting your business’s special deals can pull people in with the opportunity to save money or win something.

For Black Friday, we posted about our offer to take 25% off an order of business cards or postcards, which gained more views than our average post.

google my business, promotion offer

If your business does offer any kinds of sales, coupons, or deals, these are some of the best things to share on Google Posts since the boxes already look like ads and users can scroll through them quickly. Here’s another example of a special promoted through a post:

google my business, simmons special offer

Describe events connected with your business

In addition to adding buttons like “Learn More” and “Get Offer,” there’s the option to make the post an event so that it includes the start and end dates and times.

google my business post event

Whether the event is a fundraiser or live music night, you can describe what the event will be about and include all of the logistical information. This way, people can get a snapshot without even entering your website.

Here’s an example of a live webinar we promoted as an event a few months ago:

google my business, webinar

To wrap it up, even if you know why Google My Business was created and how to navigate your dashboard, failing to post relevant Google posts or not posting at all can cause you to miss out on leads and traffic.

If you have any questions or would like help posting on your account, reach out to us today! We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’d love to share more insights on how to maximize this tool.

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