3 Signs Your Web Designer is the Real Deal

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With the rise of “Do-it-yourself” website builders, anyone can claim they’re a “web designer.” Nowadays, people are in such a rush to have someone design their website, they don’t consider checking credentials. It’s important to do some background research, first, before hiring a web designer (or anyone for that matter). With that being said, here are three key skills that an experienced web designer carries:

1. Background in Graphic Design

Having an artistic skill is one thing; being able to configure that artistic skill across digital platforms is another.  From color and font type, to spacing and proportions, designing on computers isn’t a quick learning course. A skilled web designer has a keen sense of visual metrics, and is no stranger to tools of the trade.

 2. Familiarity with code & CMS

To the average person, coding looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics: we may recognize it, but have no idea how to read or use it. Web designers, on the other hand, have an in-depth understanding of coding, which is important when navigating the framework a website is built on.  Whether a website is being constructed or tweaked for a client, being knowledgeable in website development enables web designers to navigate around the hidden parts of the site without breaking it.

3. Effective in Client Communication

This may sound like a given in terms of customer service, but you have to consider the skill it takes to translate a vision into reality. Web designers not only have to be good listeners, but also convey and describe the process to clients in layman’s terms. Creativity comes naturally to web designers; they’re usually full of ideas, suggestions, and strategies for clients’ websites. Web designers understand the difference between User Interface and User Experience, and their passion is evident in their work ethic. A good web designer will not let a budget alter his performance, but instead communicate with the client the best aesthetic and functionality options within their means.


We’re not saying that the average person can’t design a website; we’re saying that with excellent web design, the proof is in the pudding. As a business owner, you want your website to best reflect its overall brand and reputation. “Do it yourself” site builders don’t always make the cut, especially for search engine visibility. If you’re expecting quality work, having a skilled, knowledgeable web designer is the best option. Always check out their credentials and experience beforehand.

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