Business for you has been well, yet is noticeably reaching a plateau. Something needs to be done to enhance its recognition for current customers, yet appeal to new customers. You’ve come to the realization that your business should have….no…needs a logo. After all, a logo can serve as a representation of your brand; a symbol that is distinctive enough to separate your company from competition. From advertisement, to a website, to business cards, a logo is exactly what can leave your company’s mark on the world. 

You have the perfect idea for your logo, but designing a logo is not your forte. You’ve decided to contact us for the job. You’re eager, excited, and ready to get this thing produced…but in a significantly quick turnaround time (slow down tiger!) Even though we’re experts in the designing field, we’ll honestly confess that this process shouldn’t be rushed. If you expect a phenomenal, business-breakthrough logo design, consider the time and work that needs to be put into it. Let’s walk through this process together:  


Free Consultation Meeting

With a business to run and a hectic schedule, you need to make sure you’re investing your time wisely. Your first meeting with us, which is absolutely free, is a scheduled date and time that is sensitive to your availability.

During the official consultation, we do our best to gain as much insight as possible. This is your time explain your ideas, vision, and requests. We ask many questions to gather an in-depth understanding of your brand, target audience, services and necessities. Next, after discussing ideal colors, shapes and  artistic style, we establish (if possible) a set logo idea with you to build on. A proposal is agreed upon, and now, the project has begun!


Internal Brainstorm Session   

Now, it’s time for us to buckle down. Our team gets together and reviews all notes and ideas from the consultation meeting. The project manager examines the work and availability of current projects, then assigns designers to yours. Creative minds get to work and analyze important factors to consider for the logo design: sizing appropriation, color, versatility, compliance with images and content, the company’s industry, and competition.


designer creating logo


Logo Design Proof

After factoring key concepts from the brainstorm session, our designers begin researching images, typography, and designs for inspiration. Current ideas and new ideas are then compared to determine which best fit the client’s needs and are free of copyright violations. Next, we determine the functionality, placement and adjustability of the logo, in terms of digital and printed material (i.e. website, merchandise and business cards). Then, we hit the drawing  board. Starting on frames, our designers use grayscales and color palettes to analyze the compatibility of words and color choice. Images, wording, and shapes are decided upon and assembled together as the logo design draft. The draft is discussed internally with the team for suggestions and feedback.

ads logo proof

Courtesy Logo design of our client, Advance Drone Services. First proof of multiple options


Proof Sent for Client Review

After internal suggestions are added, the designers send you the drafted logo with explanations and reasonings of the image, sizing, and content choices in relation to the company’s necessities. Now it’s your time to review, discuss internally, and send us back everything that is right (or wrong) about the logo. Sometimes, it’s exactly how you want it, sometimes it needs a little tweaking, and sometimes, you decide to take a completely different approach. Whichever way it goes, we receive your feedback, take heavy notes, and dive in to change it!

ads logo revised proof

Second proof sent in for review after revisions and change in color shade

Finalized Logo Design

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Every change and adjustment, including your feedback and our suggestions or alternatives, is applied to the design. We review our checkoff list of every request and expectation agreed upon, and analyze the logo’s versatility on both digital and printed platforms. The final logo is submitted to you, in expectation of your pleased acceptance (and we know you will be!)

ads logo final proof

Final logo design for Advance Drone Services


Now, wasn’t that a simple process? Of course not, nor should it be. Professional, well-thought, attractive logos take time (and we’re experts in using that time wisely and effectively). The process may be lengthy, but with patience, you’ll see it was well worth the wait. 



Is your business in desperate need of a logo? Check out some amazing logos we’ve done for our previous clients. Yours could be next! Call us today!.