It’s that seasonyep, you guessed it….holiday office parties! You know, when the office is decorated with Christmas lights, faux presents, and an awesomely decorated tree (well, our office keeps the Christmas lights up year-around, but you get the idea). Around this time, everyone is in a festive mood and adapts the “gift of giving” mindset. Whether your office party opts for “Secret Santa” or “White Elephant,” here’s a great list of simple yet useful gift ideas that your co-workers can use around the office:


1. Headphones

listening to headphones at work

Aside from consultations with clients and occasional phone calls, our office gets pretty quiet. We’re allowed to work at our desk while jamming to our favorite tunes, as long as it doesn’t disturb our neighbors. How about a nice pair of headphones for a co-worker to keep in their desk drawer?

2. Coffee Mugs

They say that America runs on coffee. Well, after meeting my coworkers, I was fully convinced. Some folks just need that fresh batch of coffee to help jumpstart their morning. Consider a mug that complements your co-worker’s personality: Are they laid back, casual coffee-drinkers? Workaholics who take occasional coffee breaks? Or coffee-addicts who need their morning and mid-afternoon refill? 

3. Desk Decor

office desk decorations

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Many folks work at their office desk (at least) eight hours out of the day. Whether it’s family photos, plants, or funny wall memes (our office thrives off of these), it’s nice to have your work space feel  homey and comfortable. Simple items, such as picture frames, calendars, a cool mousepad, or a chair pillow can make a little go a long way.

4. Office Snacks

You can never go wrong with buying someone their favorite snack. Try paying attention to your coworkers’ usual go-to around lunchtime. Fruit and yogurt are great and healthy options, as well as breakfast or protein bars. Nuts and crackers are perfect for keeping at the desk (as well as Hershey’s kisses, for anyone with a sweet tooth).


Sparked any ideas for you? Glad we could help. On behalf of the Emerge team, we wish you a safe and happy holiday. And, if starting your own small business is on your New Year’s resolution list, check out some of our work and startup packages.